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What are Inbound Links? – Why do Need, Important, and More

inbound links

What are Inbound Links?

Inbound links are a link from another website that points to a page on your website. The word “inbound” generally used by the person receiving the link.

Why do you Need Inbound Links?

Reason # 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Websites that receive a lot of inbound links can be prone to higher search engine rankings.

Inbound links are a source of information for search engines when determining the authority of a page.

The additional inbound links a site has, the higher authority the page in question will have and, therefore, the better it will rank in Search Engine Results (SERP) – research results.

However, search engines do not treat all inbound links in the same way, nor is it the only factor they consider when ranking and positioning pages.

Reason # 2: Referral Traffic

If someone sends an inbound link to your website or blog, people who see this link can click through, benefiting you from referral traffic.

The volume of traffic that a website can receive through referral traffic depends, of course, on the number of visits the blog or website has that linked you first.

Why are Inbound Links Important?

Inbound links are undoubtedly an essential part of SEO. Here are the reasons why:

Googlebot navigates from URL to URL by next links, sitemaps, and redirects. Googlebot luxuries every URL as if it’s the primary and only URL it has seen from your place.

1. Higher Rank in Search Engine Results

2. Characteristics of High-Quality Inbound Links

They originate from authoritative, trustworthy, and credible sites. These sites cover content that trust. An excellent example of high-authority sites is the Wall Street Journal or CNN.

They use anchor text: An example is a link from a CNN eye that uses your company name and relations to your home page.


The words’ Get Health and Beauty’ when snapped redirect to that particular site. Most importantly, the anchor text wants to be descriptive.

The user should anticipate what the site it links to is all about before they click on the newscaster text.

They are diverse: This income that they come from a variety of sources. An example will link from beauty websites, and recipe sites if your site’s content revolves about personal health.

The number of backlinks also matters: Safeguard that you have a reasonable number, not too many hitherto not too few.

An excellent way to determine the number of inbound links you need is to study your competition to see how many inbound links they have. If they have 4, then be a step ahead and have at least 6.

How ‘old’ is the site that is linking to yours? Links from sites that have been in existence for a while have more authority.

A license on their link authority to your site further boosts your site’s credibility and authority.


3. Increased Traffic

4. Increased Brand Awareness

5. Creates a Chance for Business Relationships

What Makes one Inbound Links Better than Another?

A suitable input link:

A Google definition of what it considers to be natural:

How can I Create my Inbound Links?

  1. As we just said, inbound links require official sources. Therefore, you cannot ask your little brother to link you on your blog.
  2. Try not to take any Black Hat SEO action. Otherwise, Google will penalize you and lower positions in your search results.
  3. In Inbound Emotion, we have created this free guide to provide you with a clear and enjoyable overview of the famous “search engine optimization or SEO”:
  4. what it is, how it started, where it is nowadays and where it is going. This way, you will be aware of what you have to do to gain visibility on the Internet.


Inbound links, also known as inbound links – are references to our website on other sites. References are in the form of a link that points to our site (usually they go to the Home but can go to internal pages).

These links are vital because they are used by Google as a sign of Authority when displaying a website with a higher ranking in the SERPs.

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