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How To Choose A Google Ads Agency
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How To Choose A Google Ads Agency

As a business owner, running your own Google Ads campaign can be a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with how Google Ads works. Many businesses, when running their own campaigns, often go down the route of running smart campaigns due to the fact that Google does all of the work. Even though this method can get you results, running different types of campaigns, such as search campaigns and shopping ads, gives you more control as well as allow you to get more out of your advertising budget.

Due to this many people look into using a reputable Google Ads Agency to manage their campaigns.

This article will outline the different things you should look for when looking for a Google Ads agency and the questions you should ask to assure you are getting the service you are looking for.

How Reputable Are They?

Before signing a contract with any Google Ads agency, to ensure they are a trustworthy outfit, it’s advisable to do a certain level of due diligence.

A key thing to look for is if they are a Google Premier Partner. This is a title given to PPC agencies which have demonstrated ads skill and successfully grown their client base with positive results and awarded to only the top 3% of agencies in each country.

Using companies house to check when the agency was incorporated is advisable as well as taking at least a cursory look at their LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, any agency worth their salt will have case studies to provide public reviews from existing and past clients.

Do They Offer A Free Google Ads Review?

If you are an online business looking for a Google Ads agency and you have existing campaigns, it can be worth seeing if the agency you are looking at can provide you with a free Google Ads review based on the ads already running in your Google Ads account.

Having a free review can offer many benefits. A Google Ads expert looking over your ads can offer insights on why it may not be working for you currently, and how they plan to generate more leads.

It can also allow for the agency to create a marketing strategy which they can implement and work towards once you begin working together.

In some cases a Google ads agency can provide you with a free review and feel as though that for any reason they can not add value to your campaign. A trustworthy company would mention this before any agreement is signed to avoid wasting your time and money.

How Do They Price Their Google Ads Management Services?

Different PPC agencies will often have different ways of pricing their management services. Some companies will have a set up charge and a management fee, whereas other companies may set up campaigns for you in return for a signed contract.

When setting up a Google Ads account from scratch, there is a lot of work that goes into doing so. This includes conducting keyword research, creating the ad copy and setting up Google Analytics and conversion tracking. This is why many Google ads agencies decide to charge a setup fee outside of a management agreement.

As well as these fixed priced companies, there are various companies which offer their pricing based on a percentage of spend. If you are looking at a digital marketing agency which uses this pricing model, you should be cautious that this might give the agency the incentive to spend more of your marketing budget.

What Is Included In Your Agreement?

Before you sign any agreement it is important that you know what is included. For example how many PPC managers are assigned to your account.

Ideally, when selecting a Google Ads agency, check not only the experience of the PPC managers allocated to your account but also whether you’re going to be serviced by 1 person or a team of digital marketers. At least one primary account manager, and one secondary account manager is good practice. This means that if one of your account managers has time off there is still someone on hand to help you with any immediate questions or requests and to manage the account.

You also want to make sure that the agreement you are signing includes some sort of detailed reporting. These reports should compare valuable data over an agreed time frame, discuss work being done on the account, as well as how the account manager plans to optimise your account going forward. Not only does this allow you to know what is being done on the account, it also allows you to track the data and see if the campaign strategy is working for your business.

These detailed reports can be done in a number of ways. Some Google Ads agencies offer these reports through emails, whereas some take the face to face approach by using zoom or Google Meets. You want to assure that the agency you are looking into provides at least one method of reporting which meets your requirements and as regularly as you feel you need. In most cases, these are monthly reports but in some cases, these are offered every fortnight or even weekly.

The best Google Ads agencies will not only be able to help you with the management of the ads on Google, they will also be able to give advice on various other aspects of your online advertising. This includes recommendations based off of the landing page which will help you boost sales and meet your business goals.

To Conclude:

To conclude, there are many different types of Google Ads agencies which operate in different ways. Before selecting a Google Ads agency to outsource to, research the agency and their staff to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. This should always include how often you will receive updates and formal reports.

It’s increasingly difficult to find Google Ads agencies who will offer a comparable service so bear this in mind when comparing.

If you are looking to extend your marketing to other areas outside of Google Ads, such as social media platforms, it might also be worth seeing if your chosen digital marketing agency has knowledge of these other platforms to avoid having to use more than one agency.

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