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What is Event Marketing? – Examples, Important, and More
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What is Event Marketing? – Examples, Important, and More

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing refers to a communication strategy or marketing type based on creating incredible events or experiences that everyone can remember to associate with a product, a brand, or a company.

Suppose these memories remain in the consumer’s memory thanks to these memorable events. In that case, users will undoubtedly connect much more easily with the brands, feeling much more identified and happy.

It is undoubtedly an exciting strategy for companies to increase their brand recognition and get closer to their audiences and customers in a much more effective way, creating good, much closer links with their employees and suppliers.

Without a doubt, there are many options and reasons for organizing different events. Still, some of the most important is updating a product or launching a new product or brand penetration.

Likewise, to plan a good event marketing strategy, we first recommend choosing very well what are the objectives that you want to achieve as an organization.

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Examples of Event Marketing

event marketing

  • As the first example of event marketing, we would highlight, for example, the importance of involving customers with different tools.
  • For example, if you launch a shampoo campaign where you only promote the product with texts or phrases during an event.
  • The message will certainly not be as striking as if striking and incredible audiovisual elements include in the marketing event.
  • Specialists are also a great option if we want to achieve the best results and have famous and well-known personalities.
  • Influencers and opinion leaders are usually a great asset. Inviting them to events (for example, as Estrella Galicia does with Marc Márquez) is undoubtedly a great option to give visibility to an event’s success with a good event marketing strategy.
  • Finally, a fantastic and novel event marketing example is the Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum.
  • For this exhibition/event, an exclusive app creates that can only use in a deluxe room specially prepared for that experience.
  • It combines music, images, videos, and mini-games since listeners can interact with the different songs.
  • It is a unique experience and an example of event marketing of exceptional quality.

Why is Event Marketing Important?

Events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to establish connections with brands and vice versa, marketing being one of the most effective channels to achieve this adequately.

Attendees have a more favorable opinion of the brand when its products or services promote after the event.

What brands the difference between a decent and a great experience is your knowledge of the sector’s latest trends. For this reason, any event planner must stay up-to-date if they want to market their events more efficiently.

How to Apply an Event Marketing Strategy?

event marketing

The starting point for any event should always be to ask a series of questions or hypotheses. These hypotheses are questions that you have to solve to define each part of the event. Some examples are:

1. Why is this Event Important?

  • The answer must describe the main objective pursued by holding the event, and therefore the critical factor that will help you determine the marketing strategy.

2. Why Should People Attend the Event?

  • It is not about you. It is about the value you will bring to the audience and the rest of the event’s parties. What’s in it for them? How does the event meet your needs? What are your weak spots?
  • It is also essential to get into the assistant’s shoes. Let’s think about the benefits of attending the event from their perspective. What value will it bring you, and if there is indeed a reason to go.
  • To do this, a good tip is to list the names of the speakers and the characteristics of the event (exhibitors, timing, merchandising, etc.) to see if they add the value they seek.
  • There are often complex motivations for attending an event. Some of these reasons are easy to express and admit (I need to learn a skill, I would like to network), but other causes are more private and remain in each person’s privacy.
  • Regardless of this, they are all equally valid. You have to consider how to attract the different motivations that people have to attend an event.
  • Likewise, it seeks to provide clear and simple benefits. It is unnecessary to complicate too much since, if the public does not understand what you want to transmit, they will disconnect easily.
  • Don’t waste time looking for a compelling reason to attend an event if the benefits aren’t clear.
  • If you can capture their care by giving a possible solution to their problems, they are more likely to sit down and listen.


This article briefly summarizes what the first step in establishing an effective event marketing strategy would be. Later, in Marketing Insider Review, we will return to this topic, and we will expand on the information.

Also, in this section, we will expose the different techniques that exist to organize events successfully.

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