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Link Shorteners – Definition, Benefits, Best 14 Link to Shorten that URL
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Link Shorteners – Definition, Benefits, Best 14 Link to Shorten that URL

Link Shorteners Definition

A link shorteners will clip your links into polished URLs. Shortening the links will make it easier to part and track activity.

Some URL shorteners even offer exclusive link options. For example, a brand link for this blog post might look like “”

What are the Benefits of Using Link Shorteners?

link shorteners

Utilizing link shorteners can benefit your make in three main ways:

  1. When you post extensive links on social media, it can appear spammy or discourage users from clicking on somewhat they don’t know.
  2. In particular, adding tracking limits to your links can result in URLs that appear long and confusing to someone unfamiliar with standard link tracking practices.
  3. Link shorteners can reduce spam-looking links and turn them into clear and concise links.
  4. Many link shorteners also allow you to track the performance and analysis of each of your links.
  5. It can help you understand which pieces of content work best on specific platforms.
  6. Each social network limits the number of characters it can include in its posts.
  7. Twitter and LinkedIn have the shortest charm limits at 280 and 700 characters, respectively.
  8. If you need to squeeze an extra link or hashtag in one of your posts, link shorteners can assistance you stay within the limit.

Best 14 Link Shorteners to Shorten that URL

link shorteners


  • is a link shortening platform that features a comprehensive dashboard that displays your link performance metrics. Such as click-through rates, channel statistics, and geographic information of the people who click on your links.
  • They also offer branded links and have additions with social media management software such as Sprinklr, Sprout Social, Buffer, Hootsuite.
  • It helps you seamlessly allocate your shortened links across your social media profiles.
  •’s free account proposals up to 1,000 unbranded links and link reportage for 30 days, which is ideal for small trades.
  • Their business plan allows you to bookmark 3,000+ links per month and provides all of the data and metrics mentioned above.
  • It is best for large companies who want to bookmark and track every link in their marketing campaigns.

2. Blink

  • As one of the most robust link shorteners out there, offers smart brand links that allow you to create custom links.
  • It contains relevant words and not just a random string of characters.
  • They also provide analytical reports that can track ticks by date, time, language, referrals, device, and location.
  • And integrate with web analytics utensils like Google Analytics and Adobe.
  • offers six subscription stages, from a free plan to a business plan.
  • Starting at $ 12 per calendar month, they price their plans based on how many links you’d like to create and track.


  • is a link shortener stage that can bookmark your links, track your performance metrics, or integrate with 50+ platforms to seamlessly distribute your links.
  • With three plans for individuals and two goals for teams, offers link shortening solutions for small businesses and industries.
  • For example, their free strategy offers 5,000 tracking clicks, 500 branded links, and five custom domain names.
  • Its premium plan offers 1,500,000 tracking clicks, 150,000 branded links, and 20 custom domain names for $ 499 per month.


  • Powered by Hootsuite’s social media management platform, is a link shortener included in all free Hootsuite accounts.
  • With, you can allocate your links and track your performance metrics directly on the Hootsuite platform.
  • It is allowing you to shorten every link you post to all of your social media profiles.
  • is an excellent option for anyone who already uses Hootsuite as a social media management platform.


  • Like Hootsuite’s link shortening tool, build into Buffer, another social media organization platform.
  • With, you can shorten links, personalize them, distribute them to all your social media profiles, and path your performance metrics right on the Buffer platform.
  • is flawless for anyone who uses Buffer as a social broadcasting management platform.

6. TinyURL

  • TinyURL is a free link shortening stage that is perfect for users who have unique links that they want to shorten.
  • Using TinyURL is humble. All you consume to do is go to and shadow the instructions.
  • You can quickly fill in the link for which you want a short URL and a custom alias.
  • If no one usages your alias, the link you will get will look like “”
  • Once you fill in the URL info and hit submit, you will show three types of URLs: the long link, a made short link, and a third that can help, like a web page preview link.

7. Tiny. CC

  • Tiny.CC is another free link shortener that lets you create temporary short links by merely beating your elongated link into a text box and persistent Shorten.
  • Like TinyURL, you can also modify these links.
  • If you sign up or become a paid subscriber, you can have links that do not expire and later edit the URLs.
  • If you are a free user, the link will eventually expire, and you will not be able to edit it once it generates.

8. Navigation

  • If you have to share some vast links, there is nothing wrong with shortening them because the process is quick and straightforward.
  • Besides being more comfortable to see, shortened links can also be useful for print ads, physical signage, or seats where you can’t link to another site.
  • There is a trickle of free or reasonable link shortening websites. But you may be wondering which one to choose. To help you, we leave you with two quick tips:
  • If you are not using analytics software, such as Google, you may want to use a link shortener that includes basic statistics, such as page views.
  • On the other hand, if you poverty to modify your link, you will also enjoy a shortener.
  • After you’ve mastered shortening your URLs, you may also want to examine a similar QR code creation process. If so, check out this leader for tips and tricks.

9. Zapier

  • Zapier is an incredible automation tool, which you can use in many ways in your marketing strategy.
  • And those responsible for the system have created a specific tool to shorten links automatically.
  • Imagine that you want to create a link from that photo and save it to a Google spreadsheet after posting a photo to Facebook.
  • With this tool, it is possible to do this process automatically, and the generated link will already be short.
  • Amazing, right? Despite that, this feature is a bit more specific than those offered by the others, and not everyone needs that kind of resource.
  • The feature is part of Zapier’s free plan, so you don’t pay anything for it.

10. Is. Gd

  • Of all the options seen so far, the Is. Gd is the closest to Bitly and is even better in some respects.
  • The site also allows you to shorten any URL virtually without registration. But unlike Bitly.
  • It allows you to customize the address and track clicks without having to sign up.
  • Also, you can generate a QR code from the URL if you wish. It is instrumental in putting on printed materials such as banners and business cards.
  • On the other hand, Is. Gd does not have an interface as graphical and pleasant as Bitly’s.
  • Doing a simple registration in the other tool can pay off considering its better organization and ease of use.

11. Pickle “Shortener.”

  • Ecuador is a Brazilian platform, a direct and straightforward alternative. Like Google Shortener, enter the site and paste the URL you want to shorten.
  • As standard, you can also track the number of clicks the link receives, but only that.
  • The strong point of this instrument is that it is available in Portuguese in addition to being simple.
  • Despite that, the term “shortener” here may seem like a joke, as depending on the size, your link may be the same size after shortened.
  • The reason ?: The format of the link in this tool is: “,” that is, nothing short. Pickle. com. Br / xxx”, that is, nothing short.

12. Yourls

  • The Yourls shortens to its name, as it is an acronym for “Your URL shortener.”
  • And it’s different from anything we’ve seen so far since it’s not a website that you go to to do the procedure.
  • Before that, it is an open-source system that installs and runs on the server itself.
  • It is as if you create your shortener using a ready model.
  • It gives you a choice to select whether your links will be public or private and use a bookmarklet to shorten any direct URL in the browser with a single click. Lastly, it has some tracking features, as well.
  • In general, if you want greater customization power and control of all the links you shorten, this may be your choice.
  • Otherwise, it is unnecessary to have the trouble of installing a solution on your server when there are so many quality and ready-to-use solutions.

13. T2Mio

  • The T2Mio is another complete URL shortening service. It means that it has all the features you could want.
  • When you use the T2Mio, you will see two interfaces.
  • The first contains geographic data on who clicked on your content. The second exposes information about the devices they used, browsers, etc.
  • It gives a complete view of who clicks on your links, which can help you generate useful insights for your strategy.
  • In addition to the basics, two resources stand out even more. The first is the automatic creation of a QR code as soon as the links shorten.
  • The second is to target your links to the areas you want to have the most significant impact.
  • The tool has a free plan with no limit on shortened or crawled URLs. The paid plan, which costs $ 7.00 and gear towards small businesses, also has several cool features.

14. is a payment tool for small businesses and offers everything you need to shorten your URLs and track their performance.

You can go deep enough to perform the following actions:

  • Extract information from the statistics page;
  • Accompany the most famous content;
  • See when people click on your links the most during the day;
  • Identify where users come from;
  • Add specific tags
  • And much more.

However, the lack of a no-cost plan can be a problem when there are other free options of equal quality.

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Review Link Shorteners – Definition, Benefits, Best 14 Link to Shorten that URL.

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