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Engineering Solutions For Your Restaurant

Engineering Solutions For Your Restaurant

It is true that your restaurant success depends on the cooking skills of your back line and the serving skills of your frontline. However, it is also true that it also depends on how you arrange your FOH and BOH facilities. And for this, your restaurant urgently needs reliable engineering solutions and support.

Below is a brief summary of engineering solutions essential for your restaurant. Click here to learn in detail about the support you can count on.

Plumbing solutions

Indeed, plumbing is where it all starts and ends. In other words, water supply and drain systems are vital for your BOH pipeline. Besides, it is also crucial for your coffee service performance. And not to mention toilet and hand-wash provision for your customers.

Electrical engineering

In short, electrical engineering covers a wide range of tasks to tackle. For example, from indoor and outdoor lighting to designing or upgrading an electrical system of your restaurant.

Besides, to go in line with the current “turning green” trend, it is high time to think about arranging EV charging facilities in your venue.

HVAC solutions

No doubt, providing your customers with an indoor climate that is pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter is of great importance.

However, engineering a perfect ventilation system is, perhaps, even of greater importance. That is to say, no one enjoys tasty dishes or comfortable temperatures when one gets sick from bad odours.

Engineering support with kitchen equipment

Cold rooms, fridges, and freezers. Ovens, stoves, and other cooking appliances. Espresso machines. And, of course, ware washing equipment. All this needs a well-designed layout, correct installation, and proper servicing.

At last, another aspect is to consider here. To clarify, dealing with some equipment requires not only general engineering expertise (plumbing, electrical, or both). It also requires commercial Gas Safe or F Gas expertise, confirmed with relevant certificates. So, make sure a contractor your hire has this expertise. After all, your customers’ safety is the king!

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