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5 Signs You Need To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy
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5 Signs You Need To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy: As a business owner, building a strong marketing plan is said to be one of the crucial steps to take attain your company’s goals. Having several marketing strategies like social media outreach and email marketing may help increase your chances of attracting desired traffic that lead to eventual possible business growth.

Though many business owners in the United Kingdom know the importance of keeping their customers engaged, some may still struggle to discover an efficient and effective strategy to attract new and keep their customers. But no business problem has one perfect solution.

That said, working with digital marketing Scotland and other marketing solutions providers in London and other areas can help ensure you develop the right combination of advertising strategies to allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

But when do you need to reconsider your current marketing processes? To determine if you need to overhaul your current marketing strategies, you can look out for some common indicators explained here below.

1. You’re Not Maximizing Your ROI

Assess your current marketing methods to see if you’re receiving the best attainable ROI or return on investment rates possible.

Before determining the best possible ROI, you should calculate your CPA or cost per acquisition. It pertains to the amount you’ll use to get and retain one client. If you track the efficiency of your marketing strategies, you will most probably find out that some plans yield more favorable results than others. Aim to get the highest number of clients for the cheapest cost possible.

You may compare figures across all the marketing strategies to discover your ROI, then determine which channel generates the best results. If you discover that you’re not getting the best possible ROI rates, that may be your cue to change your marketing strategy.

2. Rapidly Declining Website Traffic

Marketing Strategy

It may be common for new sites to struggle to attract traffic to their respective pages, but it could be worse if your website once had a large following that experiences a big nosedive in visitor numbers out of the blue. In the event you’re in such a situation, you should revisit your marketing strategy immediately.

Potential clients depend on your business webpage to provide them with the products or services they need as a part of your marketing strategy. If you don’t satisfy them by giving useful content on your site or your website’s load speed is slow, there are high chances that your visitors may stop using your website and never come back.

Improving your site’s performance can help but you might also need to rethink your current marketing strategy. A refurbished marketing plan can include more information about your products’ or services’ benefits, collected testimonials to create trust with new clients, and the like which may help increase meaningful engagements with your brand.

3. No Conversions

You need to understand that attracting traffic is only one part of the equation for successful marketing strategies. Though your site may attract thousands of visitors every month, you might not reach your best ROI figures if you can’t convert a high volume of traffic to sales and profits.

Whether you’re running your own marketing strategy or you’ve employed a marketing agency, it’s crucial to ensure that your marketing tactics are helping convert your site visitors to buying customers. To know your current conversion numbers, it’s advised to utilize tools to track conversions on your site and assist in discovering ROI on each of the marketing channels.

For instance, you may utilize SEO or search engine optimization methods to attract traffic to your site. But this shouldn’t be your sole end goal. Your paramount objective should be to generate highly targeted traffic such that visitors are interested in purchasing your products or services or even willing to work with you.

4. Too Complicated Marketing Procedures

Another sign that your marketing plan may need an improvement soon is when you find yourself struggling to describe it to other people. You should try to verbalize your marketing efforts to others and if you have a problem explaining how you attract traffic and sales, it may be high time to revisit your present marketing tactics.

The best strategy should be simple and productive. If you can’t explain your marketing process as simple as you can, it’s probably too complicated. So, it’d be helpful to find out ways that can help simplify it to streamline business operations while maintaining a strong connection with your potential customers.

5. Low Search Results Page Placement

It’s believed that potential clients may use search engines to look up businesses, products, services, and information each day. If your target customer is using a search engine to discover businesses like yours but you’re not rankinghigh on the results page, there are high chances you are losing out with other rival companies.

Suppose you realize your marketing strategy isn’t ranking your site on top of the search results page, you should reevaluate your marketing tactics without hesitation. A fresh and well-thought marketing plan can improve traffic on your site, which may translate to conversion leading to business growth.


It’d be helpful to gauge your marketing strategy today to find out whether it helps you realize your optimum ROI and reach your business goals. If it isn’t working out, it’s crucial to formulate and try out other marketing plans that can help improve your engagements, sales, and growth rates.

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