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5 Reasons To Hire A Web Design Agency
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5 Reasons To Hire A Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency: Picture yourself at a grocery store, searching for the perfect snack for tonight’s Super Bowl finale. Of a myriad of diverse options, you’ll probably go with the one set on a prominent shelf at your eye level or endcap, donning tasty-looking packaging and mouth-watering description.

The truth is, the online ecosystem isn’t much different. As in any brick-and-mortar store, a product’s availability, attractiveness, speed, and advantages lure digital users too.

According to Google and Ipsos’ joint research into the consumer journey, 3 out of 4 online users are constantly on the lookout for new relevant brands and products.

In addition, 85% of consumers reported learning more about the brand or a product – through reading reviews and comparing prices – in the first 24h since discovering your business.

But the importance of a quality digital presence doesn’t stop in the brand discovery phase. Research suggests that 75% of consumers judge a business’s credibility based on website design. Moreover, long website load time, cluttered design, lack of mobile-friendliness dishearten most of the web visitors who thus abandon the website.

Creating a fast, reliable, attractive, effective, and informative website is imperative for running a successful online business. But to design quality that lasts and yields results, you should leverage the experience and knowledge of a professional Atlanta web design agency.

If you’re still not convinced that professionals should design your business’s website, we bring you five reasons why you should partner with a web design company.

1.  Custom Website Tailored to Your Business’s Needs

With so many popular and quality drag-and-drop website builders on the market, such as Wix, Squarespace, and, one may regard custom website design as an unnecessary expense.

Yet, there’s the catch – partnering with a web design agency means getting a custom design. Whereas most drag-and-drop themes are loaded with surplus code, functionalities, and plugins, your customized website will don the options you actually need.

Custom design means more lightweight code that loads faster, is easier to optimize, and ensures cross-device accessibility.

2.  Full-Service Digital Solution vs. Freelance Web Design

Perhaps you’re keener on the idea of hiring a freelance designer to design your website, and thus, save you some time and money.

And while freelancer designers are amazing experts in their niche, your website needs more than looks alone.

After your company’s design is done, you’ll need to find a developer, then an SEO specialist, marketing expert, SMM and PPC manager, etc.

But full-service design agencies typically offer all these digital services under the same roof. From front-end and back-end development to social media management and search engine optimization, all teams work in conjunction to deliver you an all-around website.

3.  Professionals Follow Design & Development Best Practices

Drag-and-drop website building platforms boast a variety of features and designs that you can effortlessly implement into your site. However, an abundance of options makes it so easy to get carried away and end up with a cluttered, disorganized, and unintuitive design.

On the other hand, partnering with experienced web design agencies and top web development companies ensures you are delivered a website that perfectly balances beauty and functionality.

Hint on recognizing a professional agency that works in your interest – they won’t obey your requests. Instead, a quality web design company will objectively and critically scrutinize your ideas and do its best to integrate them in the best possible manner.

The agency’s active involvement in the site’s design and development process results in a user-friendly and SEO-friendly online presence for your business.

4.  Gain a Unique Perspective of Your Business Needs

Are you among those company owners who believe their experience in the business and knowledge of how their competitors perform are sufficient for creating a sound online strategy?

Not to dishearten you, but understanding how your industry market works don’t necessarily mean you’ll successfully attract and convert prospective leads.

Many business owners either disregard or fail to understand the most important voice in the equation – that of their target consumers.

Luckily, your web design agency comes to save the day. Web agencies perform an in-depth, objective analysis of your target audience, competitors, industry expectations, etc.

Their findings ensure your website design is data-driven rather than a result of your personal preferences and untested theories.

5.  Web Agency Provides a Helping Hand Throughout the Way

Last but not least, working with a design agency is not all about leveraging their experience and knowledge, boasting numbers and fancy words.

The thread that weaves complex processes, strenuous meetings, moments of misunderstanding, tight deadlines, and missed creative paths into a successful design is your agency’s comprehensive expertise and understanding.

Your web agency partners are there to advise, educate, and guide you throughout each step of your website construction journey.

Combining soft skills with technical knowledge, design companies pave the way for novel views of your industry, unique business strategies, and never-before-discussed areas for improvement.

From choosing your site’s color scheme to debating ground-breaking business processes, web design agencies offer you a comprehensive digital service you can’t afford to say no to.

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