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What are Short Videos? – How do Fit, Trends to Watch, and More

What are Short Videos? – How do Fit, Trends to Watch, and More

What are Short Videos?

Short videos with a maximum duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds are considered temporary.

But there is no universal number that everyone can agree on it. For example, a short video on Twitter can be up to 2:20 minutes long. On TikTok and Triller, it’s 60 seconds. On Instagram Reels, it’s even more straightforward: 30 seconds.

Brandon Sanders, a digital marketer at Academy, notes that a short form can also depend on the platform.

With the increase of platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Vine, short-form videos are shorter and better suited for 60-second to two-minute videos. I think the perception of shortened content on platforms like YouTube is in that sweet 10-minute zone since the content on YouTube tends to be fuller and longer.”

In short videos, YouTube is the exception, while TikTok and other growing short videos are the rules.

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How do Short Videos Fit into your Content Strategy?

short videos

  • Length aside, one thing that sets short videos apart is trending culture. TikTok, for example, is animated by dancing. , sounds, and social challenges. So to access the “For You” page on TikTok, which is the same as the “Explore” page on Instagram, brands must often join in the fun.
  • Short videos offer creators an innovative way to present their content.
  • The growth of social networks is making the capacity for human attention to be shorter and shorter. So harnessing the power of shortened content will keep you ahead of your competition and help you engage your audience.
  • As with any new trend or platform, senior content strategist Amanda Zantal-Wiener says that you should always put your audience first.
  • It all boils down to an old question: what channels does your audience use?” And for what?
  • Therefore, channels make the most sense for your company to create this content from a short format.
  • It means that although a short-form video is often known for its Align with your brand.

Short Videos Trends to Watch

1. More Content Generated by the User (CGU)

  • Consumers generally love UGC. It influences your purchasing decisions more than content generated by the brand or the influencer.
  • Without using too many resources, brands can publish videos that evoke emotions. Another advantage? It’s economical.

Short Sample Video: Chipotle

  1. It is an excellent example of how you can leverage user-generated content in your strategy. In this case, Chipotle collaborated with these content producers to create a fun and viral video.
  2. One of Chipotle’s target audiences could be you, students looking for affordable meals.
  3. This video features two designers who reflect the audience they want to attract. Brands should save this in mind when considering the UGC and asking themselves: “Will my audience be concerned about this?” If the answer is “yes,” go ahead.

2. Other Videos Behind the Brand

  • Consumers look for authenticity and transparency in brands. With the short video, you only have a few seconds to connect with your audience.
  • So how do you do it? There is no exact science, but consumers tend to feel more connected to brands that show the brand’s people. In a Sprout Social Study, 70% of consumers said they felt more connected to brands whose CEOs are active on social media platforms.
  • So, starting in 2021, brands must open the curtain and engage with their audience at a higher level – us personal.

Short Video Example: Sierra Nicole

  1. Trend? Check. Informative? Check. Will it take action? Check! This video the whole thing because it has all the fixings for an excellent short video.
  2. First, grab the viewer’s attention by including a popular song and dance.
  3. The content addresses the issues that viewers may face.
  4. Then the call to action (CTA) completes the video by converting viewers into leads.

3. More Instructional or Educational Videos

  • In 2021, brands will likely emphasize education gratified in their short videos. Think tutorials, crafts, and instructional videos. A 2020 Wyzowl report revealed that viewers wanted to know more about this style of brand video.
  • Educational videos are highly value-added content because they help people in their daily lives. Brands that make education necessary in their marketing strategy can improve lead generation and foster brand loyalty.
  • Likewise, how-to videos aim at users in the decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey and, if done right, can turn decision-makers into customers.
  • It’s a win-win situation: brands are thriving. You have your audience’s weak points and offer solutions, which (surprise!). Do you not know what I mean? See the example below.

Short Video Example: Soy Yo Candle

  1. Soy Yo Candle used this formulation to create this short format video. Presumably, one of the biggest challenges in having candles is making them last. In seconds, the brand presented a problem, proposed a solution, and promoted their product. It can be that easy.
  2. Another highlight of this video is that it aims at viewers who may be new to the brand and those already familiar with it. Due to the value it offers, the brand can organically reach a broader audience.

The Best Platforms for Short Videos

short videos

1. TikTok

  • With 69% of its users between the ages of 13 and 2, TikTok is the Millennial and Generation Z population’s platform.
  • The TikTok home page has a separate video timeline on two tabs. The “Next” tab with the videos posted by the next person is displayed, and the “For you” page based on an algorithm based on user behavior (what they like, comment, scroll, etc.)
  • TikTok’s ‘Discover’ tab highlights trending topics and hashtags, a great resource for marketers to generate new content ideas.
  • B2B marketers have been hesitant to use the platform, but that could be because their success depends on emotional appeal. However, that emotional appeal may be precisely what they need.
  • According to a LinkedIn education, B2B strategies that plea to emotions are seven times more effective at generating income than “rational message.”
  • So maybe it’s time to start practicing these dance moves.

2. Reels

  • Some song it TikTok 2.0, but Instagram Reels turns out to be their best.
  • The Reels tab on Instagram is a scrolling video timeline, similar to what users see on your Explore page. From this page, operators can clack on the account’s music to see what other reels have that sound.
  • With over 1 billion once-a-month lively users, Instagram has already attracted attention. Consumer attention.
  • When they launched Reels in August 2020, it became another marketing tool for brands and a worthy opponent of TikTok. Instagram Address to age group larger than TikTok.
  • And if we consider its other marketing features, Reels is another way for brands to expand their reach in 30 seconds or less.

3. Triller

  • Triller is the friend (or rival) of the Tiktok musical theater, the one who bursts into the song anytime, anywhere, without cause or warning.
  • The Triller home page looks like a concise video platform. However, they made music an essential feature of the app by making popular and trending music a primary tab.
  • The platform is popular with music artists and allows users to edit 60-second videos in the app.
  • It includes music, filters, effects, and transitions. Triller gained popularity earlier this year due to some uncertainty surrounding a TikTok ban in the United States.
  • The application reports that it has 13 million monthly active users who spend 20 minutes per day on average on the application. Since music plays a crucial role in enforcement, marketers must use music as a narrative element in their videos.
  • For example, the song “YouVedo’s Got It, a piece about developing your potential, is playing at Triller. A recruiting company could use this sound to create a short video aimed at job seekers.
  • The song would work too. Great as a background for a business coaching company advertising its facilities, the limit doesn’t exist.

4. Hippo Video

  • If you want to make short-form video content beyond social media, there is Hippo Video. The video marketing platform offers brands a one-stop-shop to produce, distribute and analyze their video content.
  • Users can also insert forms, CTAs, and annotations into the video, making conversions easy.
  • For sample, let’s say a SaaS company is initiation a new product, and the marketing team uses Hippo Video for the email movement.
  • On launch day, they can direct a product presentation video to exist customers and include a call to action, “Schedule a demo,” or invite users to a meeting planning page.
  • During the campaign, the team can track critical metrics, such as the total number of readings and the average reproduction rate. – takes the video analysis playback rate to another level.

5. Magisto from Vimeo

  • Vimeo recently learned Magisto, a video editing software that facilitates video marketing using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The first step is to upload your videos. The software will then examine the tapes and merge them according to the video editing style you are looking for.
  • They have over 10 editing styles reaching from real estate and suitability to Facebook and YouTube ads.
  • Once you have selected the style you are looking for, and the video is complete, you can distribute it on social media platforms and follow the reviews.
  • This platform is a model for brands that don’t want to spend too much time or resources on video marketing. This app does this, so you don’t have to.
  • There are hundreds of ways to incorporate short videos into your marketing strategy. But no matter what trends come and go, they will always return to your audience. Try a few methods and listen to where the data tells you to go next.

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