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Real Estate Marketing – Definition, The Best 10 Strategies, and More
Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing – Definition, The Best 10 Strategies, and More

What is Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing is a set of strategies that focus on meeting two objectives: acquiring properties for subsequent sale or rental and acquiring potential clients who wish to buy or rent a property.

It meets these two objectives, real estate marketing can perform the following processes:

  • Position the brand of construction companies to generate recognition.
  • Position the brand and sale of real estate projects to publicize the different real estate projects.
  • A real estate sale or rental process.

The Best 10 Real Estate Marketing Strategies

real estate marketing

Some of the finest marketing strategies for real estate are useful to increase sales and real estate leases and the perfect design to endorse real estate.

1. Identify and Define your Buyer Persona

One of the keys in this, and in many other sectors, identifies and defines the buyer persona. This concept refers to the perfect client profile for the purchase or rental of a particular property. It represents this ideal client, and it is necessary to collect some data:

Demographic data: correspond to information related to education, sex, current address, and so on.

Psychographic data: these are the data that reveal the interests of a person, for example, the stores that they usually visit, the events that a person attends, and so on.

Online behavior: what are the networks most used by a particular person? What pages do you visit? …

Professional data: refers to the challenges and responsibilities of a person, among other things.

It is a fundamental step in any of the real estate strategies to sell and even to lease because it will optimize the campaign’s resources.

It will provide the necessary knowledge to know where the potential client is because it will help you understand better the audience and, above all. And also, it will allow you to offer quality and exciting content for your target audience.

2. Advertise in Google Ads

Opposition in the real estate sector is high, and therefore, some times, it is essential to bet on pay-per-click plans in Google Ads to seem in the first search results.

Campaigns by location: uncertainty you sell or rent properties in different areas, you can carry out campaigns in each of these locations publicity the stuff you want to sell or rent.

Campaigns by property type: you can also run campaigns by property type, for example, for homes with three bathrooms, families with a terrace, homes with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, and so on.

Copy of the ads: creating good copy for the ads is key to capturing the potential customer’s attention.

Keyword selection: select precise keywords to filter the ad so that only really interested people can see it.

3. Offer Quality Content

  • As we have declared before, if you properly define your buyer identity, you will offer pertinent content for that somebody, content that will resolve doubts about a purchase or rental procedures.
  • Some of this content may be glossaries of terms used to sell homes, necessary documentation, and even financial information content.
  • We must strive to keep our audience cultured with useful and quality information!
  • The content also allows us to offer information that can prevent scams during sales or leases and, above all.
  • It allows us to maintain the buyer’s interest during the purchase process by finally being executed.

4. Virtual Reality

  • Virtual reality is one of the latest developments in real estate sales strategies.
  • Incorporating it into any system is a great time saving because it lets possible clients see the property as private.
  • Removal many homes at first to focus on visiting those that interest you.
  • This strategy to filter properties is not used by many real estate companies yet, but we are sure that most real estate companies will have it in the next few years.

5. Work on SEO Positioning

  • SEO is a marketing strategy that emphasizes aligning a website page in the first search results.
  • The higher, the better! It’s main impartial is to turn a web page into an asset that attracts calls and translates into sales.
  • The SEO strategies that apply in any sector are valid for real estate.
  • However, some specific ones can help you compete for the first positions against some of the large real estate portals or ad aggregators such as romantic, among others.
  • These strategies should base on: organizing and configuring a website, creating a solid foundation (offering information about the company, quality content, etc.).
  • It disseminates content through social networks to increase traffic to the web and maintain leadership, not to lower positions.
  • It is vital to be rich about the pillars of any SEO strategy: having an authoritative domain (it can be achieved, for example, with link building strategies).
  • Its correct use of keywords, social networks, and quality photos and videos provide information about real estate and commercial agents.

6. Marketing Automation

  • The automation of marketing has become necessary to operate.
  • It provides service almost 24 hours of the day and any day of the week in this sector.
  • This strategy will allow you to answer messages, present properties, etc., while visiting a property or any other task.
  • It’s the right way not to neglect your potential customers at any time of the day.

7. Email Marketing

  • Email marketing can help the real estate company to attract new subscribers.
  • It is imperative to segment emails well and pays special attention to the frequency of sending and content.
  • Regarding the frequency, affirm that more than 80% of users prefer to receive advertising in the mail only once a calendar month, while only 15% say that they prefer to receive it every day.
  • The content type can focus on useful information for an owner, tips, valuable maintenance tips, etc.
  • Content can also focus on property listings to display or request referrals in exchange for incentives to increase visibility.

8. Video Marketing

  • In this sector, what is important are the images of the properties—much more than good descriptions.
  • It is a video that undoubtedly surpasses texts and images because it can capture potential customers’ attention.
  • Also, video marketing not only allows you to show properties in a different way.
  • It also talks about real estate and shows its successes differently, for example: through storytelling.

9. Take Advantage of Social Networks

  • Social networks are the textbook platform to show homes, real estate philosophy, relevant content for the target audience, etc.
  • Social networks have an excellent capacity for audience segmentation, so the strategies implemented are usually very positive.
  • However, all the movements carried out must be very well cared for and must provide quality content, videos, testimonials, advice, etc.

10. WhatsApp Marketing

  • WhatsApp Marketing is a marketing strategy that realizes in this instant messaging application to promote sales.
  • It begins to use many sectors as a communication channel with customers to sell and promote products and services.
  • In the real estate sector, it stood not successful to be less!
  • WhatsApp Marketing has been a significant advance in the real estate sector because it not only allows you to strengthen ties with possible clients.
  • It also allows you to offer them data promptly, photos, videos of properties, etc.
  • It highlights, among other things, the sending of information to potential customers who have previously given their consent.
  • If you have a real estate agency and want to implement any marketing strategy, contact Bloo Media.
  • We have a team of digital marketing authorities who know the sector well and know how to give you the discernibility you need to increase your profits.

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