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Real Estate Agency Management Template
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Real Estate Agency Management Template

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Real Estate Agency Management Template: A real estate dossier is a document (usually in pdf format) to present properties for sale or rent. In the world of digital real estate marketing, where sending information through email or real estate apps such as WhatsApp is a common bargaining chip, a dossier of these characteristics is essential to get new clients or at least visits to properties.

In the new entry of our real estate blog we will tell you how to prepare a dossier to promote your properties and attract clients to your real estate website to see your offers. If you still do not have a website or the one you have is old, this article may interest you to read: How to create a real estate website . In addition to teaching you real examples that serve as a model to create your documents. Want to know the benefits of using real estate agency management template, keep reading to learn more about it:

How to make a real estate dossier?

The best real estate reports have three things in common:

  • Data on the local market and sales comparisons in the area.
  • All the information necessary for potential buyers to consider the offer as tailored to their needs.
  • Information about the company that shows that it is trustworthy.

This is just to get started. A real estate dossier can be completed with much more information that we will see throughout this article depending on the final destination of the document.

Before going on to list the different types of real estate dossier, we will tell you some tips that will help you to formulate this document. They will allow you to convert your potential clients into closed sales and to position your real estate agency as an expert in the market.

Target the right people

One of the fundamental principles of real estate marketing is that you must get the right messages to the right people. This means that the first thing to find out is who to contact.

If the dossier of real estate services that you are preparing is focused on young families who acquire their first home, they will expect to see information related to schools, nurseries and communications.

If, you are targeting an older segment of the population that is thinking of acquiring a vacation home or for retirement, the approach changes radically.

Keep all these premises in mind when considering a real estate dossier. The different profiles also influence other aspects of the presentation, such as photos, colors and everything related to visual communication .

Focus on the situation and needs of your potential client

To do this, you must know everything about what you are looking for, including your sales funnel to create a real estate dossier that meets your needs.

As it is difficult to know what the future buyer will take into account when making a purchase decision, it is best that you do not forget to first include in your real estate management software all the relevant data of the property, such as square meters, rooms , bathrooms, materials, finishes, soundproofing, energy certificate, even details of the common areas, accesses and services in the area, to then be able to generate the dossier.

Even if necessary, it is convenient to include details related to the need or not to carry out reforms and the estimated cost of the same in case this document is aimed at obtaining clients.

Includes data on the local market

A real estate sales dossier does not have to include second-hand properties. Imagine that you are preparing one of these documents to contact potential new home buyers.

In this case, it is important to know that price plays a key role in the dossier. To do this, you must justify the price marked with respect to the properties sold in recent months.

This information, obviously, you cannot invent. You will have to carry out a small study of the properties sold in the area and their characteristics.

Sell ​​the dream

Never forget that a purchase of these characteristics is fundamentally emotional.

As we have commented on numerous occasions. The purchase of a property is the most important financial operation that most families carry out throughout their lives.

That is why it is important to offer rational data. Such as the market situation or the properties sold in the surroundings. But it is also important to sell the dream of a life in that property.

In this sense, images play a crucial role. Include evocative images in your real estate dossier. If possible, they are not from an image bank. They offer a too artificial image and do not invite to identify with the people who appear in them.

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