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What is Marketing? – Types, Examples, History, and More


What is Marketing?

Marketing is a strategy that each company must tool in its global plan to grow. Many companies use marketing methods to achieve their goals, even without realizing it.

Marketing is nothing but the exchange between numerous parties so that a mutually helpful occurs. Many people do not know what marketing is, and when asked, they define what it is to sell and others what is advertising.

All the answers are correct, but they are only part of what marketing means because it can also be product delivery, packaging design, or creating landing pages.

Its umbrella is extensive and includes all those strategies that help a company, brand, or person achieve its objectives.

What are the Types of Marketing?

Here are different strategies and types of marketing and concepts that can help you in your global process for your brand, product, or service:

1. Marketing Plan

2. Digital Marketing or Online Marketing

3. Direct Marketing

4. Email Marketing

5. Viral Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Performance Marketing

8. Inbound Marketing

9. Marketing Tools for Instagram

Examples of Marketing

You can better understand what marketing is. Here are a few examples and an explanatory video with ten success stories.

1. GoPro

2. Coca-Cola

3. Twitch

Differences and Relationship between Marketing and Advertising

  1. It would partly focus on the techniques that help plan the different strategies applied to sell the product, sound, or service, and advertising would be the part that intervenes in all systems.
  2. It can say that advertising helps publicize what the company or brand offers to its possible audience.
  3. So advertising is part of its procedure, implying that marketing encompasses all its proper development strategies and actions. Advertising is one of these shares of the marketing gear.
  4. The advertising campaigns pursue the buyer’s attention to a given product or service that the company offers.
  5. In the past, segmenting the spectators was more difficult, but now, we can obtain all the data from the digital environment.
  6. It is easier for us to transmit hypersegmented advertising campaigns and directed them to those who need them.

History and Origin of Marketing

1450-1900: Print Advertising Appears

  1. 1450, Gutenberg invents the printing press. The world of books and mass copies revolutionize.
  2. 1730, the magazine emerged as a means of communication.
  3. 1741, the first American magazine publishes in Philadelphia.
  4. In 1839, posters’ fame was so great that they had to ban them from putting them on London properties.

1920-1949: New Media Emerge

  1. 1922, begins the publicity on the radio.
  2. In 1933, more than half of the United States population (55.2%) have a radio at home.
  3. 1941, television advertising arises. The first ad was for Bulova watches, and it reached 4,000 households that had televisions.
  4. In 1946, more than 50% of households in the US already had a telephone.

1950-1972: Marketing is Born and Grows

  1. In 1954, revenues from television advertising for the first time exceeded those that came from advertising on radios and magazines.
  2. Telemarketing takes a lot of force as a means of directly contacting the buyer.
  3. 1972, the print media suffered for the first time the exhaustion of the outbound formula.

1973-1994: the Digital Age Flourishes

  1. 1973, Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher, brands the first call on a mobile phone.
  2. 1981, IBM launches its first personal computer.
  3. 1984, Apple introduces the new Macintosh.
  4. 1990-1994, significant advances in 2G technology lay the foundations for mobile television’s future bang.
  5. 1994, the first case of good spam occurs through electronic commerce.

1995-2012: the Era of Search Engines and Social Networks

  1. 1995, the search engines Yahoo! and Altavista.
  2. 1995-1997, the idea of SEO arises.
  3. 1998, Google and MSN presentation new search engines.
  4. 1998, the idea of blogging arises. As of mid-2006, there are previously 50 million blogs around the world.
  5. 2003-2012, it was inbound marketing.
  6. 2003-2004, three social networks launch LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook.
  7. 2006, Twitter emerges.
  8. 2009, Google launches real-time searches.
  9. 2010, 90% of all American families have a mobile phone.
  10. Young persons between the ages of 13 and 24 spend 13.7 hours on the internet than the 13.6 hours they spend watching television.
  11. 2012, there are previously 54.8 million tablet operators.

Marketing Objectives

Goals of a Marketing Plan

Here are ten examples of marketing goals that can inspire you:

1. Make the Brand Known to the Target Audience

2. Increase Market Share

3. Launch a New Product

4. Improve ROI

5. Increase Business Profits

6. Optimize the Conversion Funnel

7. Capture New Leads

8. Build Customer Loyalty

9. Increase in Sales

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