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Main Nocode tools
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Main Nocode tools

Main Nocode tools  : Now that you know what no-code is and the advantages it offers, you should know that there are many no-code tools that can help you create applications.

Remember that with nocode tools you can develop web pages, mobile applications, automations, chatbots, online stores, etc.

Regardless of what your project is and what you want to create, below we are going to show you the main nocode tools on the market. Want to know about no-code app builder, keep reading

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Webflow is one of our favorite nocode tools here at Nocoders academy and also one of the best known.

Webflow is a complete and powerful website builder with endless web development possibilities. Allows you to design, develop and publish websites without code.

Unlike other web builders or builders, such as Wix or Squarespace, which transform the code into ready-to-use components,

Webflow is a User Interface tool, that is, you write code but visually .

If you want to learn Webflow, I invite you to watch our free tutorials .


Adalo is a nocode tool that makes creating web and mobile applications a breeze. In fact, it is as easy as making a slide show.

With it you can turn your idea into a native mobile app and publish it in the App Store or Google Play store.

What makes Adalo different from other tools for programming without code is that Adalo allows you to create apps by dragging and dropping components.

That way, you are designing your app in real time.

In addition, it allows you to create your first App for free!


Another option for creating apps without programming is Glide. It is a platform that allows you to visually develop applications quickly and easily.

You just have to connect your Google Sheet to Glide and you can create your App in just 5 minutes.

Unlike Adalo, Glide does not offer the option to publish your app on the Google Play Store or the App store. All apps created with Glide are based on web technology .

That is, they have a URL as if it were a web. This can be advantageous since the app can be used from any mobile device or computer.

If you want to study how to make a free app, you can take a look at our tutorials.


Bubble is considered one of the tools with the greatest potential for creating apps without knowing code It is one of the main nocode tools on the market, and one of the most advanced.

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