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Invest In Real Estate In Kadikoy-Fikirtepe Area In Istanbul, Turkey
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Invest In Real Estate In Kadikoy-Fikirtepe Area In Istanbul, Turkey

Property in Istanbul

Real estate in Turkey is experiencing a real boom, provoked by the influx of foreign investment in 2021. Kadikoy-Fikirtepe is a privileged place with all the necessary infrastructure. This is one of the metropolitan areas where stunning residences are located with excellent living conditions in a new format. Whether you are looking for villas or apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turk.Estate experts have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the entire process of obtaining foreign property from start to finish.

Residential complexes of the Kadikoy-Fikirnepe area

The area will please demanding immigrants. Plenty of high-end shops along the coast, walking paths by the sea, trendy boutiques, and attractions, there is something for everyone here. The cosmopolitan capital of Turkey has many churches with an active congregation, Saint Joseph French High School (one of the oldest and most prestigious in Turkey) and Kadikoy Anadolu Lisesi College. There is a women’s lyceum in the Erenkoy quarter, next to the Evin Park complex is the Hastanesi Medical Center.

Buying housing in a new modern complex, you get ideal living conditions – home comfort, management company services, the highest security, and all social benefits. It will be comfortable here for both business people who prefer calmness and quieter locations, and families with small children or students.

There are such new and profitable residential complexes to invest in as:

  1. Torkam Fikirnepe,
  2. Optimist Residence,
  3. The Mandarins Acibadem,
  4. Alya Life Residence.

Benefits of investing in the Kadikoy-Fikirnepe area

For those who like to travel between the Asian area and the European part via the Bosphorus, there is a ferry service with a large bus terminal. Right next to the ferry pier is the central market of the area.

For those who love shopping, Kadikoy-Fikirtepe offers:

  • Turkey’s largest food market;
  • a wide range of seafood;
  • large shopping center Tepe Nautilus;
  • a large number of street vendors;
  • well-known bookstores and boutiques;
  • music stores.

Gourmets can visit cafes and restaurants located on the narrow streets of the area. A wide variety of catering establishments can satisfy all tastes. It serves both traditional Turkish cuisine and an exclusive menu of other cuisines of the world. Local entertainment does not imply an abundance of nightlife – there are not as many events in Kadikoy-Fikirtepe as, for example, in Beyoglu. This is a quieter location with an abundance of residential real estate, combined with industrial areas for the highest convenience of residents.

Real estate in Turkey

We highly recommend enlisting the support of professionals for the acquisition of Turkish real estate, including participation in the economic citizenship program. The economic citizenship program currently remains one of the most attractive in the light of recent world events related to political changes and economic problems. Turkish citizenship is an excellent backup plan and an opportunity for greater mobility in the event of a return of the pandemic and restrictions on movement. Contact Turk.Estate for details on the offers of property and Turkish housing investment.

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