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EV Charging Stations Installation In London

EV Charging Stations Installation In London

In general, there are three main cases when one may need the service of EV charging stations installed in London:

  • When they install their first EVSE
  • When they need to replace their old EV charge point (due to either its breakage or deterioration)
  • And, at last, when they expand their EV charging facilities with more EV charging stations.

For each of these cases, one needs two things– an EV charger itself and installation services.

A wide range of EV chargers

An EV charger is what to start with. Currently, you can find a wide range of EVSE on the UK market:

  • Home, commercial, and public EV charging solutions
  • Fast AC EV chargers and rapid DC charging complexes
  • Convenient EVSE with built-in cables or affordable ports-only solutions

Here, you need to consider such aspects as the unit quality and its convenience of use. In regard to the former, it is great when a company sells EV charging stations of its own manufacturing. To clarify, this ensures high product quality and flexible design and connector type options.

In regard to the latter, it is convenient to enjoy easy access to the unit and simultaneous charging for two or more vehicles. Indeed, in London, with its high car parking density and a large number of electric cars, these two options are almost a must. To answer these challenges, some stations go with long cables (even as long as 8 metres) and multiple charging ports.

Reliable EV charger installation

For EV charger installation, it is crucial to turn to skilled engineers who have a deep proficiency in electrical installation. In London, many companies provide the service both for residential and commercial clients, and can take over any of the projects:

  • Home EV charge installation
  • Workplace EV charge point installation

For each of these, it is crucial to arrange a full site assessment by an experienced engineer to discover installation limitations. And turn to professionals if electrical upgrading or rewiring is necessary. Fortunately, there are EV charger installers that can carry out all the work.

And, yes, it is very convenient when a company that sells EV chargers also provides installation services. For example, you can order EV charging stations installed in London when purchasing a station. Just add the service to the basket and submit your order. Well, isn’t this a hassle-free solution?

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