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Disadvantages Of The Real Estate Business
Real Estate

Disadvantages Of The Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses. Many of us are attracted to it because it is one of the highest profit-earning businesses. The real estate business owners are known to have big houses and expensive cars. Perks like these attract many to give them a try. However, it is also one of the most unpredictable businesses. You have to work hard to make sales and maintain properties.

There is no easy way to run a business, and real estate is no different. You have to make consistent efforts to make sales. The market is risky, and you can lose a lot in one stroke. The real estate business requires experience and passion. You have to be patient and persistent because sometimes you have to hold on to a property for a longer period.

As a real estate business owner, you need to be vigilant about the ups and downs of the market. Market trends change rapidly and to be successful, you need to be well-informed about these changes. If you play it right, you can earn huge amounts of profit with just a single sale. Having said that, real estate is also a very challenging business. Read through this post to find out the disadvantages of running a real estate business.

Disadvantages of the real estate businesses:

Before starting a real estate business, make sure you understand these disadvantages so you can handle them proactively:

Volatile income:

The real estate business faces sudden ups and downs. Sometimes the market slums suddenly, leave you in a fix. The income is not fixed; the month when sales are good you can get huge profits, but there are months when you don’t earn anything. You can also lose money, especially in cases where small down payments are made and you are left with a larger mortgage to pay. Also, when the demand is less, you might not be able to rent property at all, and if so then you might not be able to increase the rent as you want.

Long-term investment:

Contrary to popular belief, real estate investment doesn’t always give you instant profits. Sometimes you have to hold onto the property for longer periods before acquiring tenants. This means that you need to manage the properties while you wait. If you are planning on doing that yourself, you might have to cancel your vacation for that. Getting tenants also depends on the location of the property and its condition.

Constant maintenance:

You need to maintain properties constantly, whether you get tenants or don’t. You might find it frustrating at times because you need to maintain it after the tenants vacate your property, when new tenants occupy the property, and also when the property is empty and has no tenants. As you can see, you have to maintain it all the time. It will require your time and money to do so. The damages done to the property during the rental period can be fixed using the security deposit but for other issues like plumbing, electricity, etc. you have to bear the expenses yourself.

Real estate needs your time:

As mentioned before, real estate requires time and effort. To start with, you will need time to get information about the neighborhood you want to invest in. you need time to get the problems resolved and maintained. You would need time to market the property and rent it or make a sale. In short, the real estate business chomps down all of your time, and you are left with little for any other thing.

The real estate business is an expensive business to do:

The transaction costs for real estate are very high and they keep on increasing yearly. These expenses include transaction costs, commissions, insurance, closing cost, loan origination fees, etc. The real estate income comes under taxation and this includes sales and income tax.

For rental properties, you have to pay utility bills, mortgage, and maintenance charges even if there are no tenants. These are an extra burden on your pocket.

The value is unpredictable:

The real estate property value and rent value can decline without any apparent reason. When there is a bubble in the property values the prices soar and when the value reaches its peak, the value of the real estate is bound to decline.

Real estate is not ready for cash:

If you need money urgently, real estate might not be helpful. Although it is a tangible asset, it is not liquid. Selling it is hard and takes a long time. If you are needy, people might take advantage of your problem and rip you off and you might face huge losses.


With all its glittering and overhyped image, real estate investing is not without its disadvantages. No real estate business has ever seen losses. If you want to invest in it as a buyer, then you need to get the service of a good broker. Do your research about the said property before being convinced by excellent marketing. If you want to invest in real estate as a business, then there are a lot of things you need to consider. It is true that when the market is on the rise, you can get amazing profits. But you can also face huge losses when it is going downward.

Take expenses into consideration before picking up the properties. Also, understand all the regulations, costs, and taxes before investing. Some people buy and sell properties after a short period to avoid taxation. They roll in the profits of sales into investing in new properties. It is a good scheme but the profit margin is very less as compared to when you hold the property and sell.

The important point is to consider both its advantages and disadvantages before jumping into the business.

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