What is WhatsApp Business? – Benefits, Functions, and More

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free app for Android and Apple that allows small and medium businesses to connect instantly with their customers.

If you don’t know, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, and since then, it has not stopped growing. Currently, it has more than a billion daily active users. Yes, they are very many.

The announcement of WhatsApp Business’s presentation was in 2017, and one of the purposes of this application is to free WhatsApp from SPAM messages from businesses.

In recent years, this messaging service has not stopped incorporating new functions and being one of Mark Zuckerberg’s main priorities.

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What are the Benefits of Whatsapp Business?

The main benefits offered by WhatsApp Business are:

  • Improve response speed (SLA).
  • Cost savings in agents and call centers.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction to 98%.
  • Comply with data privacy policies (GDPR).
  • Increased productivity with assignments by team or agent;
  • Improve the relationship and communication with your clients.
  • Enables 24/7 digital support and attention;
  • End-to-end security and encryption of messages;
  • Enable an official number with a verified Company profile (green checkmark).

What are the Functions of WhatsApp Business?

This new version’s main objective is to allow companies to create profiles more formally from their brands. Thanks to this profile, customers can immediately find information about the company description, address, opening hours, website, social networks, inter

Alia: Creating a business profile that includes essential customer information (address, business hours, websites, social media).

Automating messages of welcome and absence, so your contacts are always aware of the situation of Empresa. Adicionalmente, the main functions WhatsApp Business provides users are:

1. Branding

  • The aesthetics of your profile is much more specialized. You can add your logo as a profile photo and maintain a background that provides images and texts that improve your brand’s positioning.
  • You can also add essential promotions that you want your customers to know about it. Automated messages:
  • Welcome messages, absent messages, and even prerecorded answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) programs.
  • All these messages are “reactive,” which means that the interested party has to initiate the conversation.

2. Variety of Content

  • While it is true that this profile allows the use of a tone and a more serious and professional language, this does not sacrifice the wide variety of content that the platform already allowed.
  • Active links, photos, videos, PDFs, locations, and audio messages are still available.

3. Control Label

  • Like how groups work in the personal version, Tags are ways to categorize your conversations in types of audience, contact channel, or sale stages.
  • For example, you can create a “New Leads” tag that allows you to treat contacts differently from the “Captive Customers” tag.
  • This option can also integrate into your CRM. Statistics:

4. Metrics Gain more Weight

  • Statistics allow identifying the number of messages answered, the number of clicks on links, and the type of content with the most interaction, among other data. WhatsApp Business Considerations Before downloading the application, consider the following points:
  • If you already have a personal WhatsApp Messenger account, you will have the option to transfer your chat past to your new WhatsApp Business account.
  • Your chat history will not transfer back to WhatsApp Messenger if you decide to stop using WhatsApp Business.
  • You can use both applications, WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and the same cell but not with the same chip. Each application has to link to a different phone number.

How to Install WhatsApp Business?

Installing the application is very simple. If you are already a user, you will have to do the same business version process. You will have to download the app from Google Play for Android users or from the App Store for Apple users.

1. WhatsApp Business App

  • Once installed, you will need to have a unique phone number for this account or convert your account to a business account.
  • Now, you will only have to register the name of your company. You must make this point well because you will not change it again.

2. Company Profile WhatsApp Business

  • Once you have over these steps, you will be bright to use the entire application for free.
  • As I told you above, you can now register your business.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

The advantages and possibilities are many, and some of the main characteristics are:

1. Interact with Businesses

  • Any user will be able to contact the business directly instantly.

2. Create Welcome Messages

  • For when the user writes to us for the first time.
  • Welcome message on WhatsApp Business.

3. Create Absence Messages

  • It can be beneficial when we are out of office hours or absent.
  • Absence message in WhatsApp Business

4. Formulate Quick Answers

  • We can configure messages that are automatically activated to give a quick response, for example, goodbye.
  • Quick responses Whatsapp Business

5. Have Access to Statistics

  • It is one of the significant differences of WhatsApp business, which allows us to measure some data from the conversations and shipments.

6. Categorize with Labels

  • The application allows us to classify users with labels, something handy to keep track of our recruitment process.

7. Centralize Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp Messages

  • It is not possible yet, but from the United States, there is already talk of responding to the messages of the users of these three social networks from their mobile messaging service.

8. Create your Business Profile

  • We can have a profile of our brand created so that the user can know your business.

9. Make a Product Catalog

  • You will be able to upload your store’s products directly to WhatsApp, thus facilitating electronic commerce.

10. Enable a Payment System

  • It is already a fact, and it seems that Zuckerberg has it very clear.
  • He has already announced the payment system from Instagram, and now we will also be able to pay from WhatsApp business.
  • We will only have to configure our bank within the social network to be able to make payments.
  • It can lead to a new sales channel for online stores.
  • And we are talking about one billion active users per day. What does business not want to be there?
  • You have to bear in mind that this has just begun and that a lot is investing in making this app the revolution in digital business.
  • That a company like Facebook bet so much on selling from its native applications tells us a lot about what awaits us in the not too distant future.

Why Should a Company Use WhatsApp Business?

We have already seen some of the main functions and features it offers you, but how can it help your business?

It is a tool to do business. There’s no more!

Its use is purely professional so incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Connect with New Prospects

  • You can go beyond your email list and expand your subscribers from all those who ask for business information.

2. Increase the Open Rate of your Communications

  • Do you know someone who does not look at their WhatsApp messages?
  • Imagine the potential of being able to reach 98% of your subscribers. That is the average opening ratio of this application.

3. Generate Conversation with Instant Response

  • The average reply period for an email is 90 minutes, while it is 90 seconds for WhatsApp.
  • It can boost your business sales of those leads that are hotter.

4. Eliminate Friction Elements in the Sale

  • With the possibility of incorporating a catalog within the application and making payments, many barriers are eliminated in the sales process, making it much easier and faster.

5. Allows you to Receive Inquiries from Facebook Ads

  • Currently, you can already put your WhatsApp links in Facebook ads so that they contact you directly, and it works brutally.

6. Allows you to Automate Responses

  • Don’t lose more business opportunities by being late.
  • Now you can automate your answers and get better results.

7. Automate your Business

  • You will be able to integrate with other tools and use WhatsApp within an automated marketing funnel.
  • Here the possibilities will be endless.
  • All this will make your billing grow and, above all, that the relationship with your customers and subscribers will improve.
  • We are living in an age where we want all immediately.
  • The internet and smartphones have fueled this revolution, and much of the planet is connected.
  • It means that the faster our response and the more conversation we have with users, our brand’s better perception.


WhatsApp Business is channel customer care that is growing exponentially in the world. The primary industries with national and global coverage are the ones that most adopt this type of solution, leaving behind expensive call centers. ‍

At Adesso, large global corporations such as Walmart, Santander, Interbank, and Ripley use WhatsApp as the primary contact channel and reduce telephone service.

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