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What Is A Superfecta Box In Horse Racing?

What Is A Superfecta Box In Horse Racing?

There are a number of alternative betting markets available when it comes to horse racing that adds another level of freedom when making selections to maximize returns.

These betting markets are often more complex than the straight win and place betting selections that are prominent with those newer to the sport, and one of the most interesting is the Superfecta. So, what is a superfecta box?

What Is A Superfecta?

A Superfecta bet very much follows along the lines of the exacta and trifecta betting markets, but with one very big difference. In this bet type, bettors will need to predict the first four horses’homes.

The difficulty in finding winners in this market is highlighted by the odds available, as bettors will need to do even more research than they would if they were placing a bet on a straight or even an exacta.

How Is A Superfecta Box Bet Different?

Instead of trying to land the Superfecta, many bettors instead opt to make a wager on the Superfecta Box selection. Like the bet previously mentioned, bettors will include four horses that must finish in the first four homes, but importantly, the finishing order isn’t necessarily important.

As long as the four horses are selected to finish in the first four, then the bet is a winner. This type of bet will cover all the different combinations within the selection, which means that the stake is significantly higher than it would be if you were just placing a bet on the standard Superfecta.

How Much Does A Superfecta Box Cost?

As we mentioned previously, the stake that will be wagered on this market will be much higher than the amount that is put on the Superfecta selection. However, it does offer certain insurance should one of the horses that you have selected finish in the top four finish in the incorrect position.

If you place a $1 stake on each line of the bet, then it will cost a stake of $24 to place the wager. This will mean that $1 will be placed on each possible combination of the four selections that you have made. However, the returns that you pick up from the bet will ultimately be decided by the finishing order in the race.

Superfecta Wheel Betting

An interesting way to play a Superfecta Box is by selecting one horse that you believe will win the race. This selection becomes the ‘key’ and must be the winner regardless of the finishers behind it.

However, bets in this type of market mean that you have your first place selection sorted, and the other three selected horses can finish in any order behind, providing that the selected horses still finish in the top four.

This is often seen as a more affordable way to place wagers on this market, as it saves money when it comes to placing a Superfecta box on every race that is taking place at a given meeting. However, the drawback is the fact that if your selected ‘key’ horse doesn’t win, then the bet is lost.

How To Win A Superfecta Box

While a huge amount of research needs to be completed before making any bet on horse racing, extensive research must be carried out before placing a Superfecta box wager. This is mainly because you will need to have confidence in all four horses finishing in the top four.

The key pieces of research that must be completed before placing a wager, includes looking at the form of every runner involved, meaning being aware of their track and distance record. Furthermore, the speed figures of the runners involved should also be examined, as this could prove critical reading.

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