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Top Certification Courses Will Help You To Land In Data Science

Top Certification Courses Will Help You To Land In Data Science

Known as the sexiest job of the 21st century, Data science is a booming sector all over the globe. There is no doubt, Data scientists are in demand, not only in India but all over the globe. They paid well too. But do you know why they are in demand? or why do they pay so much? Because of the skill set, as they need to handle complex data.

Data is a complex field that involves plenty of concepts, tools, techniques, approaches, different methods. Handling the raw data needs a professional skill set. That is the major reason, Data scientists and data specialists are in demand. As per the Economic Times, India’s demand for data professionals has increased 400% in the last year. Having low supplies of labour and increasing the demand for data professionals is creating high remuneration for these professionals. With data professionals, Machine learning professionals, and Artificial Intelligence professionals jobs are in huge demand. As they understand the data and attain new insights.

Today, every company requires data professionals, machine learning professionals. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning companies and organizations are analyzing the vast data efficiently. It helps to identify the pattern quickly, which helps the operation effectively. The new insights which these machine learning professionals and artificial intelligence professionals can help to the business models and business decisions. It is machine learning which helps to give quality predictions and estimations for every data professionals. So let’s see what is machine learning and artificial intelligence and what is the future in it?

Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence, with its smarter actions in real-time, it will reduce human interaction less. It is the method of data analysis that automates the construction of the analytical model. Artificial intelligence algorithms will help to better analyze the data and its model. For those who want to switch their career to machine learning or artificial intelligence, this is the right time as these sectors are already booming. Every sector is opting for AI and ML.  The global machine learning market is predicted to grow up to $117.19 billion by 2027.

How to enter the machine learning field?

Getting proper training and certification in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is an important step. While making your career in these fields, you should consider the business and industry where you would want to go as the skills will vary across businesses and industries. So these certification programmes are a great way to gain an edge. Gaining certifications in specialized tools like SQL certification course, a python certification program for data science, Amazon AWS Big Data Certification will also help to enter the data science field.  You can find various certification programs on the internet today. But choosing the right certification program is a completion. Before choosing the programmes you should consider a few points

  • Subjects and topics covered in the program
  • Cost of the program
  • prerequisites or qualifications you’ll need
  • Time commitment
  • Reviews from the learners
  • Certification from university and industrial collaborations

Top Data Science Certifications

Caltech CTME Data Analytics Certificate Program

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: Fullstack Academy and upGrad.

Professional Certificate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: University of Maryland

Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIIT-B

Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI

  • Platform: Intellipad
  • Powered by: IIT -Chennai

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

  • Platform: Imaricus learning

Top certification program for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIIT-B

Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIIT-B

Advanced Certificate Program in AI for Managers

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIT Roorkee

Deep Learning Course (with Keras & TensorFlow) Certification Training

  • Platform: Simplilearn

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Powered by: IBM

Review Top Certification Courses Will Help You To Land In Data Science.

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