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Top 6 Email Marketing Trends In 2021

Email marketing is essential for all businesses. Companies use newsletters when they want to notify their users about upcoming promotions and new games in the best online casino to win money. But these emails don’t always work, even if you try to make them as attractive as possible. Want to make your newsletters more profitable? These 6 trends are the best in 2021, and they are suitable for any business.

Using AI Technologies in Email Marketing

AI is being used everywhere these days. In creating emails and newsletters, it will also come in handy in many situations:

  • To segment the base. Why do it manually when artificial intelligence can collect and organise subscriber data on its own.
  • To conduct A/B tests. AI can generate different content, show it to subscribers and determine which type of information acts more effectively.
  • To find a good time to deliver emails. Now you don’t have to play detective and don’t have to track time zones and subscriber activity throughout the day. The AI will do it all for you.

Games With User Involvement

You’ve got brightly coloured gifs and concise content, with one main offer in the spotlight rather than the stack of all sorts of offers that were just around the corner. You’ve also got dynamic, personalised content and the use of AMP technology.

AMP was originally created in 2015 with websites in mind. It replaces heavy pages with simpler and faster copies of them, and the page loading speed is still important for search engine optimization. In the summer of 2019, most email services launched support for AMP on their websites. Since then, it has been possible to add interactivity to emails, such as quizzes, quests, games, image galleries, videos, payment forms right inside the emails, and other features that are available to users on websites.

The advantage of AMP emails is that user engagement is greatly enhanced by all these features. They can add products to their favorites, book tickets, or respond to surveys without going to the main website, and they love it.

Marketers love these letters. With AMP technology, you can get a lot of data about users to personalise your content. And they can be constantly updated. You can change product selections, prices, and dates. The information for the subscriber always stays up to date.

In 2020, AMP technology was expected to grow actively in the email marketing industry, but for some reason, it did not, although easy-to-use tools (like AMP email builders) have already appeared on the market and email marketers are sharpening their skills. Experts doubt the technology will become an industry standard, but it could work as a field for experimentation and a way to “wake up” subscribers.

Perhaps the technology is not yet widely used because it is not available for all email agents. So far, it is best adapted to Gmail. And this is only 29% of the world’s email owners. But Google mail may also have problems displaying such emails on different devices.

So, if you’re serious about AMR letters, search your database for users with Google mail, separate them out, test them on gadgets, and send such beautiful letters to that audience. With other mailers, you can also try trial and error to figure out how they look in subscribers’ mail.

Other nuances of AMR letters include:

  • A front-end developer will come in handy for the layout because the designers are not yet omnipotent, and some things will have to be written in the code manually.
  • AMP format must be registered with the email provider.

Following the Agenda

Increasingly, the agenda determines the topics and content of business newsletters. One of many examples: the murder of George Floyd triggered not only a wave of protests in the streets, a series of topical media publications. Many global brands responded in support of the black community. This is how Blackout Tuesday was organized, coined by Live Nation, with many companies and 28 million social media users joining in.

Content in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has increasingly appeared in the mailing lists of global brands as well. Black models were popular before, but in early 2021, they have increasingly become involved. Nina Ricci and Lacoste letters are prime examples.

User Experience Is Essential

Reviews work on websites. Especially if they are mostly good. Well, there’s a place for user-generated content in newsletters, too. And getting it out there in the age of social media is easy. Go to Instagram, look for your customers’ business profile marks, paste their photos and reviews into the newsletter – and you’re done. Just don’t forget about user-generated content. Otherwise, it can have a negative effect.

For the letter to be successful in terms of user experience, 3 conditions need to be met:

  • Benefits.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Personalization.

Email Marketing – Simple Text Letters

It would seem that AMP makes newsletters look like interactive website pages, and the future is here. But it turns out that there is an opposite trend – abandoning all these gimmicks in favor of writing a plain text-only letter (as there once was, in the early days of email marketing).

Not only are such emails quick to load due to the lack of HTML clutter, but they also give subscribers the feeling that they are being contacted directly. Such personal emails are more attention-grabbing and improve conversion rates, as they do not contain the expected ‘buy’ calls to action that users are already used to. And they reach the main inbox more often, bypassing the “promotions” folder.


The TikTok generation sees email as a necessary evil when it comes to confirming one’s email when registering or receiving a cashier’s check. That’s why marketers are increasingly setting up a bundle of mail, messengers, social networks and chatbots, and even texting and calling in a single system. This makes communication faster and more efficient. And users like it when they are offered a choice of communication channels at the “getting-to-know-you” stage.

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