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Tips To Excel In Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Tips To Excel In Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiad allows students to focus on different types of problems. Since this exam follows the normal schedule of the school board, it becomes more beneficial to improve the academic achievement of the student. When it comes to maths, many students get confused and lose interest. But the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) has made it easier to understand mathematics with simple and innovative learning materials. The fact that students are required to spend more time practising missing points does not change to improve their academic scores. Math Olympiad Test helps to test the subject knowledge of the students. Fear of math is extinguished and problem-solving skills improve and a sense of motivation is maintained, which encourages them to build on their knowledge, leading them to greater success.

If you have decided to sit for the class 6 maths olympiad then you have to start preparing for it early. You can take online mock tests, solve papers, or download  IMO Class 6 2014 Question Paper so that you can score a good rank.

Here we will discuss a few tips which will help you in excel your class 6 maths olympiad exam.

Class 6 maths olympiad eligibility

Students wishing to take the IMO exam must be familiar with the admission criteria for the same exam. The International Mathematical Olympiad is an annual math contest for high school students sponsored by the International Science Olympiad Organization. It should be noted that the admission criteria for the IMO test are very mild and have remained the same in recent years. Before preparing for the IMO exam, students need to understand all the qualification criteria for the IMO exam in order to understand their qualifications.

  • Students who are studying in class 6 of any board are eligible for the maths olympiad.
  • Students who are of Indian nationality or residing outside India are both eligible for the IMO exam.
  • Those students who want to improve their mathematics academic performance and master in the subject can sit for IMO.
  • There are 2 levels in IMO – Level 1 and Level 2
  • Those students who will qualify with a minimum rank in level 1 will further be eligible for level 2 in the IMO exam.
  • To be eligible for level 1, students do not need a minimum number in their school record.

Class 6 maths olympiad syllabus

Students who are appearing for the class 6 maths olympiad need to answer 50 questions in 60 minutes.

There are four sections, each containing different questions with different marks.

Section 1 – Logical reasoning – 15 marks
Section 2 – Mathematical reasoning – 20 marks
Section 3 – Everyday Mathematics – 10 marks
Section 4 – High Order Thinking Section (HOTS) – 10 marks

Tips to excel in Class 6 maths olympiad

  • Must have a clear concept

Before sitting for the maths olympiad, it’s important to keep the concept in mind. Students need to identify areas where they are missing by reviewing exam patterns and understanding the difficulty level. Clarify the question in the first phase.

  • Practice a lot

Everyone knows the saying, “Success comes after continuous efforts.” Success is said to be the sum of all the small efforts we make in our daily lives to achieve a particular goal. May what you do be practised everywhere. To master beyond all skills, you need to do a lot of practice to reach your goal set. Those who practice hard have proven to be good both in academia and in professional life.

  • Solve previous year question paper

The previous year’s question paper turned out to be a good choice for preparing for the Olympiad exam. Participating in such an exam without knowing the pattern of the exam and the nature of the question is not a good choice.

To get the right idea for your dissertation, you must refer to the previous year’s paper and solve your questions thoroughly. By solving the old questionnaire, students are given an idea of the pattern in which the questions are constructed, giving them the confidence to appear fearless about the exam.

  • Read Olympiad material

Students do not need to take additional classes to prepare for the Olympiad. All you have to do is solve the questions in the Olympiad book.

These books contain logical and descriptive answers to each question. The languages ​​of these books are very easy to understand because they are written under the supervision of experts in this field.

An easy-to-read series is presented to students so that they can learn and understand the concept for themselves. In addition, students can analyze their knowledge and solve problems more effectively.

Quick tips to prepare for Class 6 maths olympiad

Here are a few quick tips to prepare for class 6 maths olympiad:

  • Make notes when you prepare from olympiad books.
  • Always take help from your teachers and parents wherever you get stuck.
  • Solve lots of sample papers, this will help you in tackling all types of questions asked in the exam.
  • Take the online mock test. This will help you to practice for the final exam as time is limited which will help you to prepare well.
  • Don’t forget to take a rest along with studying the paper. Because it is necessary to have a fresh mind to study.


Most of the International Mathematical Olympiad exams are based on the curriculum taught at school. No additional reference books are required to prepare for the exam. Students must be familiar with the basic concepts of mathematics to complete IMO Level 1 and  2  exam questions. The questions asked in the IMO exam questions are very different from the questions taught at school.

The IMO exam identifies students’ skills and potential to enable them to perform better in today’s highly competitive world. They motivate students to dig deeper and better understand facts in order to improve their reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving skills. It also helps them in those areas where they lack the capability and provides proper guidance for improvement in those areas.

To get a high rank in Mathematics Olympiad, students must prepare well for the exam otherwise they may not be successful. With the above-given tips, you can not only prepare well but also get a good rank.

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