Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz Download In Telugu

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz: SR Kalyanamandapam is a romantic action movie directed by Sridhar Gade and produced by Pramod and Raju. So the film Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz stars Kiran Abbavaram and Priyanka Jawalkar, while Chaitan Bharadwaj performs the music for this film.

SR Kalyana Mandapm Movierulz Movie Details

  • Directed by: Sridhar Gade
  • Written by: Kiran Abbavaram
  • Produced by: Pramod, Raju
  • Starring: Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar, Sai Kumar
  • Cinematography Viswas Daniel
  • Edited by Sridhar Gade
  • Music by Chaitan Bharadwaj
  • Production company: Elite Entertainments
  • Release date: 6 August 2021
  • Running time: 148 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu
  • Box office: 12.31 crores

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Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz –Story

Dharma (Sai ​​Kumar) from Rayachoti in Rayalaseema leads the SR Kalyana Mandapam. So it is a privilege that all weddings celebrated in the same place.

However, Dharma was unable to fulfil the duty he inherited. So for some reason, the situation in the performance hall got even worse.

Moreover, Dharma’s son Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) and his mother (Tulsi) do not like the father’s management. So Kalyan stopped speaking Dharma to his father for more than ten years, and the conversation between father and son stopped.

However, Kalyan falls in love with his college classmate Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar), but she ignores Kiran.

So Kalyan shows up to organize a performance hall, which has become an ambitious one for his family.

Who is the original story behind SR Kalyana Mandapam? So why hasn’t Dharma been able to uphold Kalyana’s mandapa? Why doesn’t Kiran talk to his father? Why does Indo refuse to love Kiran? Has the wedding hall, which became the prestige of his family, regained its former glory?

However, the plot of SR Kalyana Mandapam movierulz answers the question of under what circumstances Dharma and Kiran meet again.

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz Plus points

This is the second film where the young lead Kiran Abbavaram plays the hero.

So Kiran was very good at dialogue and screen presence. But unusual in the emotional scenes, he carried the film on his shoulders. So after a long time, Priyanka Jawalkar landed a good role and did well.

The comedy quote in the movie Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz did well with the scenes between friends, and the lead actor handled the love story well.

However, all the actors who played Hero Friends did well. Moreover, the climax was full of good emotions and ended on a special note.

Last but not least, Sai Kumar reappeared in a critical role after a long time and very well.

Although he seemed subdued in the first half, he did well as an energetic, drunken father. So the second half of the movie has a good story, and the feelings between father and son are good.

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz Negitive points

Kiran Abbavaram is known for his consistent acting. But in this movie, Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz, the director, emphasizes his crowd aspect, and the theme becomes big. So the introduction and setup of the hero take about ten minutes, and this aspect is a huge hassle.

However, the movie needs some serious editing as it can pause for almost half of it. So the father-son relationship worked well in the climax.

But it should have elevated in the first half instead of the goofy scenes between the main couple and the hero’s elevation.

Although stories like this work with emotions, the film Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz has a solid opportunity to heighten those emotions. However, the story is routine, and you know what will happen next. But the director largely missed out on those elements.

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz  Technical aspects

The film Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz has good visuals, and the small-town setting is well presented. So Chaitan Bhardwaj’s music was impressive; most songs were good and well shot. But, editing is a big mess.

When it comes to director Sridhar, he just did a passable job. So he had a good margin to add to the family drama, but he lost it. However, the movie would have been great if the first half had been packed with father-and-son scenes and away from the unnecessary hero-centric season.

Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz  Endnote

Overall, SR Kalyana mandapam Movierulz is a father-and-son story with a good background. So Kiran Abbavaram and Sai Kumar played well in this village drama and conquered the screen. Besides unnecessary set-up scenes in the first half, ignoring the delay, the movie makes for a passable watch for songs and some good thrills in the second half.


We ask our beloved readers not to support hacking or pirated websites. So these websites are not secure. However, the movie Sr Kalyana Mandapam Movierulz hit theatres on August 6, 2021. So watch this movie with your family in theatres.

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