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Service Definition

Service is an action or set of activities to satisfy a specific customer need, providing an immaterial and personalized product.

It says that service is heterogeneous because considering different factors rarely coincide with each other and are usually designed and carried out in attention to each client. In other words, there are no mass production chains as there are in the manufacture of goods.

On the other hand, since the services are mainly intangible or non-material (we will delve into this later), consumers cannot own them. A clear example of this type would be customer service, standard in large brands.

Ultimately, the meaning of service is as broad as it is crucial. Therefore, we are going to see characteristics.

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Features of the Service

The essential characteristics of the service are the following:

1. Intangibles

  • They cannot be seen or touched. It is not like a good that we handle. We use, we keep.

2. Indivisibles

  • Although service packages can purchase separately, there is a minimum indivisible unit. When we go to a hotel, we are paying for a service.
  • We could even pay by the hour, but that’s the service. We cannot have half a body inside the hotel and half a body outside.

3. Heterogeneous

  • They are very diverse and varied. That is what we meant by the breadth of its meaning. We can find services related to consulting, banking, accounting, hospitality or leisure.

They cannot Keep

  • As a general rule, services cannot store. In this sense, service provision and consumption are simultaneous. For example, if a waiter serves us in a restaurant (service sector), we cannot store that service or save it.
  • For example, a plane ticket with a specific date (unless we change the date), if we do not use it, it is lost.
  • That plane no longer travels that day at the same time. He may do it another day, but not right now.
  • All the features of the services are interrelated.

What are the Types of Service?

1. Customer Service

  • The services should provide the possibility of appreciation or complaint.
  • The services can administer both from the State and the private sectors, even mixed. The benefits are defined as heterogeneous since the services provided can never be identical due to different variables.
  • As intangible, since the user cannot touch them, this is customer service telephone lines. And as already mentioned, it cannot own.
  • Some of the primary issues that it considers that the services should provide are the excellent treatment of their clients, satisfying their needs, offering the possibility of gratitude or complaint, generally in writing.
  • Finally, the service providers must comply with the agreement, which is usually determined utilizing a contract. The conditions of the services to provide by the company or the state must clearly outline in them.

2. Intelligence Service

  • The intelligence service carries out espionage activities, among others.
  • Intelligence service understands as the means to obtain information under the country’s ​​defence and security. For this, citizens, their activities and others investigate to create files and profiles of them. However, these services often go beyond the line of legality and carry out activities such as wiretapping or espionage.
  • These can be government entities, and others can be private, on certain occasions the latter exceed state borders, to generate interstate cooperation ties.

3. Military Service

  • The military service aims to dictate activities to train future soldiers. They teach from traditional values and customs, always accompanied by disciplinary limits.
  • The soldiers are trying to acquire values ​​such as courage, honesty and come to love their homeland.
  • The specific objectives of military service are usually related to preserving each country’s sovereignty and its independence.
  • Still, it is also essential to highlight its intervention in occasions of internal social crisis or foreign invasions and the face of natural catastrophes. Today military service is usually optional in most countries.

Difference Between a Good and a Service

There are several differences between goods and services. The main one is that the interest can be tangible or intangible, but the service can only be transcendental. For example, an actual good is a car (it can touch), and a metaphysical interest is a computer program (it cannot handle).

However, although services may have a substantial part, in general, they are intangible. For example, when we buy a train ticket or go to a bar for a snack.

Regarding the origin of the services, can be public or private, depending on which sector of the economy administers it. In other words, it is not the same that a shared and private company offers a particular service to that of the State or some official Administration. In some instances, it is also possible that there is a mixed model and that the service offers jointly by the public and private sectors.

The services sector includes many economic reality possibilities, including administration, transport, hotels, gastronomy or financial services. Other professionals in the field of health, education or domestic workers also fall within this concept.

The conditions related to each it commonly stipulates and defined in a contract or invoice, making clear the guidelines or costs of performing the same and informing the client at all times. Also, continuous attention to the consumer and the availability for questions or doubts about the product is quite common.


Like it, we call, in general terms, the condition of serving, that is, of giving or providing support or assistance to someone using a set of material or immaterial means. The word, as such, comes from the Latin servitĭum.

Likewise, it also knows as the favour done to someone or the merit that a person acquires serving the State or another entity or person.

He also called toilet or toilets, in the plural, the urinal, the bathroom, the toilet or the toilet.

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