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Rolex GMT-Master II Watch Series: The Most Expensive Collection of Timepieces You Should Buy

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch Series: The Most Expensive Collection The Rolex GMT-Master ii series is well-known globally for its precise-driven watches compatible with showing the exact time from the different countries worldwide. This collection of timepieces can support up to three time zones, making it the top in the market of GMT watches. Here are the top five Rolex GMT-Master II watch models.

Rolex 126755SARU GMT-Master II Diamond Pave Dial Everose Gold

The Rolex GMT-Master ii 126755SARU is probably one of the most luxurious and expensive watches in the market today. It costs $174,999 and is available to order online at the Watchshopping website. The price is well-justified, as you can see the stunning set diamonds attached everywhere on this watch, even at first glance.

This men’s timepiece incorporates a diamond pave dial with diamond hour markers fitted in a case made from 18 karats of Everose gold. The face also comes with luminous appliques, a date window at the 3 o’clock position, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal front cover. As satisfying as the outside, this Rolex watch equips the brand’s automatic Caliber 3186 with 50 power reserve hours and ten water resistance bars.

Rolex 126719BLRO-0002 GMT-Master II Meteorite Dial Pepsi Bezel 2019 Model

Another expensive watch from the GMT-Master ii series is the Rolex 2019 Model 126719BLRO-0002 Meteorite Dial Pepsi Bezel Automatic Men’s Watch. It is also available to order online on Watchshopping for a price of $86,819. This timepiece features the excellent Rolex Caliber 3285 with precise-driven movements, 70 hours or about three days of power reserve, and 100 meters or ten bars of water resistance.

This Rolex GMT-Master II watch comes in a stunning casing and bracelet made from 18 karats of white gold, attached with an eye-catching meteorite dial protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The face incorporates Breguet white gold hands, a date window at the side, and luminous index hour markers, all features compatibility of multiple time zones.

Rolex 126710BLRO-0001 GMT-Master II Black Dial Pepsi Bezel

Another exquisite GMT-Master II men’s watch with a Pepsi blue and red bezel is the Rolex 126710BLRO-0001. It features a premium stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal front protection and a solid back, giving it water resistance that can go for up to ten bars or 100 meters. The black dial displays a large aperture at the 3 o’clock mark to keep track of the month’s date, mixed index-dotted hour markers, and luminous Breguet hands.

This watch also boasts its excellent and satisfying performance as it offers the self-winding Rolex Caliber 3285 with luxurious 31 jewels. The caliber is also packed with a power reserve that lasts for about three days or 70 hours. You can get a hold of the Rolex GMT-Master ii 126710BLRO-0001 by ordering it online on Watchshopping for a price of $22,289.

Rolex 126710BLNR GMT-Master II Black Dial Batman 2019 Model

If you want a luxurious and elegant watch with sporty looks, then the Rolex 126710BLNR Batman 2019 Model from the GMT-Master II series is the best you got. It features a black dial with dotted, rectangular, and triangular hour markers, silver-tone hands with luminous fills, a monthly date window at the 3 o’clock mark, and a sapphire crystal front cover. The bezel also comes with a black and blue design, adding attractiveness to its aesthetics.

The automatic Rolex Caliber 3285 runs this GMT-Master ii timepiece and offers 70 power reserve hours or about three days. Plus, this watch can comfortably resist water for up to ten bars or 100 meters with its reliable casing and cover. If you want to order the model 126710BLNR right now, do it online at the Watchshopping website for a price of $19,449.

Rolex 116713LN GMT-Master II Black Dial 18KT Yellow Gold

Right now, one of the most eye-catching watches in the market is the Rolex 116713LN, also from the GMT-Master II collection. It comes in mixed stainless steel and 18-karat yellow gold casing, attached with a black dial with a luminous finish. The face incorporates mixed-shaped hour markers, Breguet hands, and a date aperture at the 3 o’clock position.

A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the stunning dial and a solid back cover, making this GMT-Master II timepiece reliably resist water for up to 100 meters or ten bars. Plus, its excellent Rolex Caliber 3186 features 50 power reserve hours and 31 jewels. All these jaw-dropping inside and put features for a price of $17,399 on Watch shopping.


There is no doubt that the Rolex GMT-Master II series is the most expensive and precise collection of watches in the industry. So, order one now on Watchshopping and enjoy wearing such an envious timepiece.

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