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What is the Page “About Us”? – Why do Need, 6 Techniques, and More

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What is the Page “About Us”?

The page “About us” or “who we are” is the section or category of a website that summarizes descriptively.

The business is part of the responsible team and, above all, explains the mission, vision, and values ​​of said business on the Internet.

Having clarified this, you surely understand a little better the importance of this page within a website, especially for those who visit you and still do not know your eCommerce.

However, it is likely that if you have an online store, it happens to you like most of those responsible for this type of business, and it costs you some work to talk about yourself and your team.

Why do you Need a Page “About Us”  for Online Store?

  1. Just as a large brand already has a consolidated reputation, and no one hesitates to purchase their products even online, buying for the first time in a small online store can be considered a risk.
  2. Therefore, the visitor will want to have more information about you and you. Company to make your purchase decision.
  3. As you may have noticed, few online stores have an “about us” page that meets the visitor’s expectations and answers their questions:
  4. What is the story behind the product? Can I trust it? Why should I choose this store/brand and not another?
  5. Also, your page visitors will be interested in knowing who is behind your project.
  6. An effective it that shows who you are (or who you are) and what you do (or do) is the best cover letter for your brand and your best sales pitch:

6 Techniques for Creating a Page “About us”

When looking for this “about us” page connects with want to know more is behind the business, there may be some of the best tips.

Always carry them out following your style and way of saying things, and you will see how you will make a much better impression on them:

1. Tell the Story of the Company

2. Share your Passion

3. Explain the Vision or Mission

4. Mention your Business Partners

Do you work or collaborate with important companies in your sector or business niche? Make it clear, and you will benefit from their credibility. But don’t forget to ask for consent to use their logos on your website!

For example, you can refer to:

Investors: Any firm or person who has put money in your company.

Suppliers: the companies you buy your products from it.

Manufacturers: the firms or brands that make your products.

Distributors: companies that sell your products in a physical store.

Posts: Any post your business has appeared in it.

Non-profit organizations: Includes any organization you donate to or actively collaborate with it.

Remember that this page is a showcase for your store. Therefore, on this “who are we” or “about us” page, you should only talk about companies that contribute to transmitting the brand image you want for your own company.

5. Include Testimonials brings Confidence

6. The Use of Images Empathizes


The “About Us” type pages help the company connect with its customers. You can start with any of these ideas. Whatever you do, always remember these tips:

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