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How To Sell, Donate, Or Dispose Of Unwanted Furniture In NYC?

How To Sell, Donate, Or Dispose Of Unwanted Furniture In NYC?

When people decide to move to NYC, they want to get rid of unwanted furniture. They want to do this because the apartments in NYC are too small, and you can’t keep old-fashioned furniture there. It’s not easy to relocate furniture without the help of a Moving Company.

You can get rid of unwanted items easily, but it’s not an easy deal when we talk about furniture. Moreover, it’s never feasible to carry massive furniture with you because it will cost you too much.

So, we have decided to share some valuable tips with you that can help you get rid of unwanted furniture.

Tips for Getting Rid of Unwanted Furniture

Remember, you don’t necessarily need to dump or waste your furniture. Moreover, you can sell it or donate it to a needy person. However, if you still want to dispose of it, do it properly and don’t cause damage to the environment.

  • Donate the Unwanted Furniture

Everyone can’t purchase luxury furniture. So, you can help some needy families by donating the excess furniture. If you don’t find a needy person in your neighborhood, you can donate it to charities because many charities accept donations in NYC.

Some charities even pick up the items from your house. More importantly, when you donate items, you get a tax exemption. Just find out the charity, contact them, and they will do the rest of the job. It might not give you money, but it will save your money on taxes and transportation. More importantly, it will provide you with peace of mind.

  • Sell the Furniture

You have purchased the furniture and used it for a few years, but now you can sell it. Remember, it won’t have the same value, but still, it will give you some money that you can use to buy new furniture. More importantly, everyone in NYC doesn’t have the budget to buy a new one, so they will be interested in buying your furniture.

 You can sell your furniture in the following ways:

  1. You can list your items on Facebook for selling. You can find local groups for buying and selling furniture.
  2. You can try Craigslist for selling furniture. Although it’s old, still you can try it.
  3. There are many marketplaces like AptDeco for buying and selling used furniture. It is a good option for sellers who don’t have much time to wait.
  4. You can explore lots of other websites like Letgo, OfferUp, and Chairish for selling used items.

When you decide to move, spare some time, take pictures of your furniture from different angles and post it on the websites mentioned above. Write a short description of your items. If you’re not sure about the prices, you can get the help of a Moving Company.

  • Dispose of Your Unwanted Furniture

If you don’t want to go for the above two options, then try this one. You can dump your unwanted furniture. It might look easy, but in NYC, it’s easy because of the legal requirements. There are specified buildings for dumping, and people can’t just dump their furniture at any other place. Moreover, building managers select where they can dump their large items.

These managers ensure that items are dumped within specified days. Otherwise, there will be no place to keep these items because of overcrowding. If you have time to dump your unwanted items, that’s great. Otherwise, you can use junk removal services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK. You need to get their services because they know how to deal with junk items.

Sometimes the suppliers of new furniture also offer the dumping service. Just ask the building supervisor about when and where you can dump your furniture.

  • Reuse the Furniture

If you don’t find all the options helpful, then you can go for this one. You need to look for ways to use that furniture. It will save your time and the hassle of dumping. You can refinish your furniture to make it new so that it becomes reusable in the new home. You can use your old-fashioned furniture in less used areas.

Things to Do Before Choosing Any Option

  • Empty all the compartments of furniture before selling, dumping, or donating.
  • There will be some lost keys, remotes, or other small items.
  • Check compartments that you use for storage.

By doing all this, you can recover if something was lost.

Final Words

Moving can be exciting at the same time when you decide to carry your massive furniture with you. So, some best options are to sell, donate, or dump the excessive furniture. In this way, you can save moving costs, taxes and make your move hassle-free. Whatever method you choose, ensure that you know its pros and cons.

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