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How To Prepare For Class 7 IEO English Olympiad

How To Prepare For Class 7 IEO English Olympiad

The IEO English Olympiad is a premier championship for English language and comprehension that tests the abilities of students who learn and use the language fluently.

All About International English Olympiad (IEO)

Students all over the world are required to pass the IEO test to graduate high school, but most students are glad when they have completed it because of its challenging nature.

The International English Olympiad test is designed by IELTS. The test aims to assess the proficiency of candidates in the English language. The IEO test focuses on the proficiency in oral, written, reading, and listening skills of candidates.

The organization of the IEO is similar to that of other international English language examinations. Every year, there are typically 2 tests – Summer Test and Final Test (held every six months). Aural, written and reading tests are held every six months.

Since 2000, candidates for IEO have been given the option of submitting their applications via the internet, thereby avoiding the inconvenience of traveling to an IELTS testing centre. The Examination Centre code for this test is 948.

The IEO test has four sections:

The test has particular difficulty levels ranging from A1 (beginning) to E2 (advanced). IELTS gives additional “research” code numbers to some of the more difficult questions.

The IEO had its first test for the year 2000-01 at the end of November, and it has been conducted every six months since then.

The test is administered by the Central Secretariat of the IELTS, based in Wolverhampton, England. The IELTS website emphasizes that candidates may also use this opportunity to apply for study programs with the British Council which offers registration for 15 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. There are two types of exams

How To Prepare For Class 7 IEO English Olympiad

The IEO test takes place every six months with one question every year, at most two weeks apart from each other. The tests are held at 4:00 PM and last for 2 hours.

The first IEO test was in the year 1999 and the other has been held every year since then. The Summer Test is usually held at the end of October and lasts for two hours, while the Final Test is usually held at the beginning of December and lasts for 3 hours.

If you’re taking part in this exam, we have compiled a list of 8 important things that you should keep in mind before appearing for this exam to avoid any last-minute surprises.

# 1: This is an online competition so make sure you prepare by studying from various sources such as books, newspapers, magazines, websites, movies, etc.
#2: You have to appear in two sections i.e. Reading Comprehension & Essay. So have a look at the topics in advance so that you can prepare accordingly.
#3: For the exam, you’ll be provided with a pen drive which will be used for your entire preparation and when they’ll ask you to bring it, don’t forget it because, without it, they won’t let you appear in the exam.
#4: Keep a check on your speed. The time duration of the exam is 3 hours, so make sure you allot a particular time in a day to work upon it.
#5: Be sure to prepare well in advance because if you’re caught unawares, don’t feel bad because the exam is designed in such a way that even an unprepared candidate can also pass. Check out the IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 7 2015.
#6: The exam is for 3 hours, prepare accordingly. So ensure that you can devote enough time to it.
#7: Don’t feel bad if you don’t have enough time to finish, because some other students do not have any time to prepare and still appear.
#8: Make sure you follow the instructions given by your tutor/instructor carefully otherwise your preparation will be wasted.

Some Tips and Tricks To Prepare For Class 7 IEO English Olympiad

There are a lot of people out there who have been fighting the good fight for years in their quest to get to where they want to be. But not everyone can readily tackle all these academic challenges by themselves, and that is where a team comes into play. You have to be part of a team or else you will have no one to play with. That is why at the IEO, one has to do teamwork because this is where all these different subjects are covered, and they are very challenging. This article would like to take this opportunity to share some Tips and Tricks that will surely be helpful.

Having a good working relationship with the teacher is of utmost importance because they are the ones who give out good marks on your essays, papers, and tests.

One must show respect to their teachers because they are the ones who will give you good marks.

Giving your teacher a good report card is very important, and that is the kind of attention you must get from them.

Some people get busy with other matters before making time for classwork, and this is where they lose out on their marks.

One will barely get to attend school if one does not get enough sleep before undertaking their tasks in class. This is why one should always wake up early.

An important thing to remember is that one should never allow themselves to get stressed out as this may adversely affect how one performs at the IEO.

One must also be punctual as this is a very important aspect that shows that one can manage his/her time well. Students who are always late for class will have a lot of problems with their teachers and this can bring about some unfortunate circumstances. If one is always late, they will have no time to revise their notes and prepare for the next class assignment.


The International English Olympiad is a competitive examination in English. IEO is an official worldwide Olympiad test administered by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in 205 countries.

Taking regular breaks after every two hours of studying is also very important, and that is what most students do.

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