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How To Add A Watermark,Split, Merge PDF Files Swiftly Using GogoPDF

In the past, only a few people used PDF as their file format since most people do not know the usefulness of PDF format. Today, the use of PDF is unmeasurable. If you have files that you wish to print, PDF is the best format to use so that your file’s metadata will not be modified. Thus, several online tools were created to ease one’s task in altering PDF files.

Among the many available online tools, GogoPDF ranks as one of the best tools that can surely trust when it comes to altering PDF files. With GogoPDF, you can add a watermark, convert, and merge PDF files using these easy steps:

How To Add A Watermark

There are many threats in the online world. Today, you cannot guarantee that your file’s content will be safe once you upload it online. Once you post your file on social media or any platform, other people may steal your file’s content. So, it would be ideal if you think of a way to ensure that your content will not be stolen.

Placing a watermark on your PDF file is one of the best methods to prevent this from happening. Once your PDF file is already watermarked, it would make you the only person to own that file since you are inserting a particular image or text that says something that is yours.

To do so, you need a web-based tool to help you ease your task in placing a watermark on your PDF file. Try GogoPDF’s add watermark to PDF free online tool. It has the most uncomplicated and most straightforward steps in inserting a watermark into your PDF file. In just a few clicks, your file will be ready!

To start the process, you need to place your desired file in GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can insert the watermark into your PDF file. You can insert an image or text and adjust it in whatever position you like. Once done, GogoPDF will start the process, and it will be ready in a while. After that, you can click your file’s link and start downloading it.

How To Split A PDF File

If you have page/s from your PDF file that you need to remove, the ideal way of doing it is by splitting that particular page/s. Splitting would be a lot easier than scanning or redoing the entire file. GogoPDF offers the best tool for splitting page/s from your PDF file. All the steps and procedures are straightforward and easy to use.

To start, look for the PDF file that you wish to split and place it in GogoPDF’s tool. After that, select the page/s that you want to separate or remove from the original file. Once done, GogoPDF will start analyzing and processing your file. In a couple of seconds, your file should be ready. Once ready, click the link and start downloading your newly split PDF file.

How To Merge A PDF File

If you have unused PDF files all over your device, it will consume too much space on your storage. As a result, it would make your device run slower. It is ideal that once you have several files, you should learn to organize these files. The easiest way to do it is by merging these files into a single PDF document.

To do so, you need a tool that can alleviate your task of merging PDF files. One of the most trusted web-based tools is the GogoPDF. With its Merge PDF tool, you can easily combine your unused file format using the most manageable possible steps. You don’t need to undergo hardship when using this tool due to its sophisticated method and technology.

To start combining your PDF files, choose the files from your device that you need to merge and put them in GogoPDF’s merging tool. After that, you can choose how you want to organize your files. Once done, GogoPDF will start the process, and your file will be done in a minute or less. After the entire process, click the link and start downloading your newly merged PDF file.


PDFs are genuinely one of the most useful file formats ever invented. Today, it has been one of the most used file formats. Luckily, GogoPDF is there to help you modify your PDF files. Add a watermark, split, and merge PDF files are among the many lists of tools that you can find on GogoPDF. Try it now, and it’s easy and free!

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