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Features to Consider When Looking for Online Conferencing Software

Features to Consider When Looking for Online Conferencing Software

Online conference calling has quickly become the preferred technology for businesses to hold group meetings with people in different geographic regions. Businesses have many options when choosing online conferencing software, so it’s essential to understand the available features and how they will impact your company’s workflow. The following article discusses everything you need to know about online conferencing software.

What are Online Conference Calls?

An online conference call allows internet users at remote locations to join in. Users connect using their computer, tablet, or phone using an application downloaded from the company hosting the call or via a dial-in number and PIN code (such as 888-123-4567), provided in an email or on a user’s dashboard.

Once logged in, users can hear the call and access other features, including screen sharing, instant messaging, whiteboard sharing, and more.

Features to Consider When Looking for Online Conferencing Software

The following are essential features that should be prioritised when selecting online conferencing software for your company.

HD Video Quality

High definition video quality is essential – you want all of your participants looking their best! A clear picture ensures smooth conversation flow during meetings and helps remote workers feel like they’re part of the action.

For those who have a hard time hearing, HD video also ensures that they can read lips and pick up all necessary details so they don’t feel like an outsider in the conversation.

Robust Security Features

When you’re talking business, security is critical. Make sure your online conferencing software is secure by checking to see if it provides:

  • End-to-end encryption (the connection between users is encrypted before it reaches the server)
  • Two-factor authentication (confirm user identity through the combination of something they know and something they have, such as a phone or tablet)
  • Firewall protection (protects company data from external attacks)
  • Platform/software updates
  • Automatic log-outs
  • Password strength

Flexible Pricing Options

Since the cost of conferencing software can vary between providers, consider which package is right for your company. This includes looking at how many people are allowed on the account and the features available with each plan.

The number of monthly users impacts your monthly spending, so make sure you have an accurate number of expected callers each month before signing up.

Screen Sharing

If screen sharing is used during meetings, it must be reliable and easy to use. Since not every participant might have HD video capability, look for software that combines HD video and sharing the screen.

Instant Calling and Easy Invites

When people can’t be on a conference call in person, they’ll need to join via a dial-in number and PIN code. Ensure you have access to a long list of international numbers, so your company isn’t limited to calling from within one country or region.

It would be best to see how flexible the invitation system is for managing who can join meetings and by what method (phone/screen share).

Truly Unified Communications

Today’s communication tools are many and varied, so online conferencing software must integrate with other products your business uses like social media networks (e.g., Facebook ), email, calendar, CRM, and more.

Once connected to your app, participants can instantly chat with one another in real-time via a window on their screen, eliminating the need for additional programs or meeting apps.

In-meeting Chat

In addition to instant messaging between users, online conferencing software should include a built-in chat feature that stays open during meetings for those who join after the conversation has started. This enables your team to keep track of comments from those joining late and share important details that others shouldn’t miss.

Meeting Recording

If you are recording or listening back to past calls, you’ll want a provider that offers easy-to-use call recording. Recordings should be available to you via your online account, the software’s app. Or by sending or receiving an email with a link. You can also check if the provider offers transcription for meetings for even more convenience.


Ensure that your online conferencing service integrates with other services frequently used in business communication. This will ensure it is easy to use and simple to incorporate into your company’s workflow. Particularly important when training new users.

Who Can Benefit from Online Conferencing Tools?

Online conference calls can benefit a wide range of professionals and companies. Here are just a few examples:

  • Online conferencing tools have been used to connect students with other students in different locations in the education sector. This has enabled collaboration on projects while also learning from each other through conversation.
  • In healthcare, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers have used video chat apps to diagnose patients remotely so they don’t need to be moved or their condition can worsen during transport. This is particularly beneficial for patients who live alone in rural areas where there’s no access to specialists without travelling long distances.
  • Companies operating internationally can use online video conferencing software to reduce travel costs by holding meetings online. This also saves time by letting participants be more productive at home.
  • Sales teams can use the software to host virtual meetings with international customers or present new products and services in real-time.
  • Remote workers can use the software to collaborate on projects regardless of their location. Ensuring consistency among team members irrespective of company size or location.


There are several features you should look for in online conferencing software so you can have a productive and technologically advanced meeting. You’ll need HD video quality, robust security measures, multiple ways to connect participants, easy recording systems. And integrations with other business services your team uses daily.

This will ensure that the software is easy-to-use and simple to integrate into your company’s workflow.

With so many online conferencing tools available. You’ll want a provider with excellent customer service to ensure a smooth transition from old methods of communication. It’s also essential to look for an affordable package tailored to your business’s unique needs. So costs don’t derail your bottom line or prompt unnecessary spending down the line.

Whether you’re looking for a basic system to connect team members globally. Or a high-end video conferencing product capable of supporting thousands of participants simultaneously. There’s an online conference call software product available that will suit all of your business needs.

Now that you know what features to consider when choosing this technology. Start comparing products and finding the right one for your business.

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