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What is Cover Letter? – The Best 7 Templates and Examples
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What is Cover Letter? – The Best 7 Templates and Examples

What is Cover Letter?

The cover letter is a text that accompanies and complements your curriculum vitae.

And offers you the possibility of presenting yourself to the company, exponentially increasing the chances.

The recruiter will be more interested in you and call you to do a job interview.

If you desire to get a good job, you need to take care of your cover letter. We’ll provide you with the best templates and examples of cover letters in this article.

The Best 7 Templates and Examples of Cover Letter

cover letter

These models of cover letters can serve as inspiration. We recommend you customize each letter to your liking, orienting them to the company you are addressing and the position that interests you.

1. For a First Job

A first job’s cover letter must write stating your worth, aspirations, skills, and personal aptitudes.

To the HR section of the company (name):

  • I want to integrate into the Finance Department of your company, since I am trained and can grow different tasks, especially finance and accounting.
  • I have recently over my studies in Business Administration and Management at the University of Madrid.
  • The methodology applied in the midpoint, oriented to action and results, has allowed me to develop an excellent resolution capacity and acquire a global perspective of all company areas.
  • Throughout my training, I have strengthened my spirit of teamwork, initiative, and involvement in tasks, and my information of languages, English and French, through intensive stays and sequences in England and France.
  • I have also had the chance to grow my first work experience through internships in different companies, details of which you will find in the attached Curriculum Vitae.
  • I am at your entire disposal to carry out an interview and the tests you consider appropriate.

2. For a Posted Offer

Even if you sign up for a proposal published on InfoJobs, the cover letter is a resource you should use to reinforce your motivation and show a predisposition to fill the vacancy.

In InfoJobs, you will have the opportunity to save up to five cover letters to send to different companies when you consider them suitable.

It is evident that in this case, it will be necessary to adjust the letter to the supplies of the offer in which you are registering.

It relating your knowledge, skills, and aptitudes with the requirements requested by the recruiter. It’s an excellent way to let them know that you have the ideal outline to fill the position.

To the HR section of the company (name):

  • I have had the chance to see the offer published in InfoJobs in which they request a Marketing Manager for their organization.
  • I am incredibly motivated to work in your company due to the prestige and reputation in the sector.
  • And I am qualified to fill the position they request since my professional experience of 5 years focuses on developing innovative loyalty programs and attracting new customers.
  • I have a degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of Navarra. I have a high English and Italian level, and I have worked with different market research technologies, as essential by the offer.
  • Myself would love to talk with you at your best convenience to expand the information that I send you personally. For this, you can quickly spread me at the phone number (amount) or by email to (address).

3. For Self-Application

If you feel incredibly motivated to work in a specific business and decide to send your request to the Human Resources department on personal initiative, you can too do so.

In this case, ascribing a cover letter is even more suitable for contextualizing your application and getting the company to income you into account for upcoming selection processes.

To the HR section of the company (name):

  • Although I have verified that at this moment, there is no open selection procedure for the physiotherapist profile, I would similar to offer my candidacy so that it takes into account for future selection processes.
  • I am incredibly motivated to work in a renowned and prestigious company like yours in the senior sector. I am also qualified to fill the vacant position of physiotherapist.
  • Myself have more than three years of knowledge. In recent years, I have functioned in care middles for the elderly. I have taken specific courses in Rehabilitation and geriatric physiotherapy: Assessment and therapeutic and preventive intervention at the Miguel de Cervantes European University.
  • And the University Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy of Aging Processes: Healthcare Strategies from the University of Valencia.
  • I would like you to reflect on my candidacy for future selection processes because I would love to share your work team.
  • I will be happy to expand my professional profile if you require it to be contactable by phone (number) or by email at (speech).

4. To do Professional Internships

Are you interested in doing a professional internship in a company? If you just graduated or are still a student and are interested in doing training in an organization and want to send them your CV, you should take advantage of this circumstance to write a good cover letter. This document is sure to add to your application all the necessary value to be hired.

To the HR section of the company (name):

  • I am a student of the Master of (degree/specialty) that I will finish in September of this year, and also, I am a graduate in (degree/specialty).
  • I have decided to send you my CV because I am interested in doing a professional internship in your company.
  • Although I have verified that at this moment, they do not have any selection process adapted to my vacancy open.
  • Working in your company would be an excellent opportunity for the development of my professional career.
  • Throughout my period as a student, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge. The Master has allowed me to deepen in different areas, which I consider exceptional value to work in your company.
  • Also, I speak English fluently and have a B2 + level, having made two stays at Oxford.
  • I believe that internships in your company could be very beneficial for my personal and professional development and specialization.
  • Also, I could bring the passion and enthusiasm for a job well done, responsibility, skills, and knowledge.
  • I want to be able to expand my profile as a candidate in a personal interview. For this reason, I will be available by phone (number) or by email at (address).

5. After you’ve been Off Work for a While

If you want to put on for a new job, but you out of the effort for thought, you can let the recruiter know through the cover letter.

The letter can be of great help when it comes to clarifying that stage of your life in which you did not carry out any professional activity.

You may take the opportunity to income a year off, train yourself more, take a trip, volunteer, etc. Far from being an inconvenience, the real motivation behind that circumstance may be fundamental to explain who you are and pardon your standards are ​​beyond your CV.

To the HR section of the company (name):

  • I am a listed nurse, and I am submitting my application for your facility’s advertised position of nursing supervisor.
  • I have been trained and specialized at the University of Barcelona and worked for five years of my expert career at the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona.
  • However, during the two years that I have not practiced as a nurse, I have expanded my London knowledge.
  • Thus, I have completed a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Liverpool and carried out internships in different countries.
  • I believe that my UK experience and my passion for the profession in which I training can be of enormous value to your commercial.
  • I have also taken an online course and now have a PALS certification.
  • So, I remain at your complete removal for the position, waiting to enlarge my profile in a personal interview. I will be contactable by phone (number) or by email at (address).

6. To Apply for an Executive position

The cover letter to smear for a managerial location is as essential (or more) than the curriculum itself. Because in it, you will have the opportunity to define your profile quite accurately.

It means that if you cannot get the HR team hooked in the first few sentences, the CV is likely to discard.  As you can understand, far from being a humble addition, the cover letter perfectly balances the CV.

Make sure you address the right being, as well as the supplies for the position. Take a look at this sample for inspiration!

Dear Mr./a (name), CEO of the corporation (name):

  • With Director of Communication of (company name) ‘s vacancy, I want to tell you about my career, capabilities, skills, and values, which I am convinced fit the company’s needs, especially when taking on new business challenges.
  • With over ten years of experience as an executive in companies in the sector, I believe my profile is precisely what they are looking for.
  • Besides my training and extensive experience as a journalist, I have finished the Master in Communication and Advertising Management from (name of school).
  • But without hesitation, the most valued thing about my candidacy is the passion I put into all I do—the taste for a job fine done, the ability to obtain good results with all the teams.
  • I have functioned with over all these years to make my team grow both personally and professionally.
  • Without further ado, I hope you consider my candidacy and arrange a personal interview. I will be contactable by phone (number) or by email at (address).

7. After the Job Interview

It also calls a thank you letter, and you can use it. If you reflect it appropriately, to send it after you have finished a job interview. Some recruiters do not recommend it, but it may be successful in some instances.

In these cases, it energetic that the letter addresses the person with whom you interview.

You can benefit from some moment or information about the interview so that the selector sees that your interest in the job.

Dear Sir / Madam (name):

  • After formalizing the first interview of the assortment process for the head of systems technicians’ vacancy in your company. I require to thank you for your time and dedication and reiterate my interest in the position.
  • What I liked the most about applying for this job vacancy was the possibility of assuming the responsibility of handling a technical team. And doing it with a good number of projects and challenges ahead.
  • As I designated in the interview, I remain at your entire disposal and awaiting your news. Yours sincerely.


A good cover letter, sent along with your CV, has the power to increase your chances exponentially. The recruiter will interest in setting up a job interview with you.

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