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6 Reasons CBD Brands Should Invest in Curated Content
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6 Reasons CBD Brands Should Invest in Curated Content

Creating a steady stream of original, fresh, user-centric content can be a challenging task for any brand. It can be even more difficult for CBD brands as they’re forced to navigate a bit of a grey area when advertising CBD products across search engines and social media. Thankfully, content curation provides a viable and user-friendly alternative that can benefit any brand.

As a refresher, curated content is essentially content from a secondary source that your brand can then share on social media and your website with proper credit given. You are essentially curating the best, most relevant content that you think your audience would enjoy. From helping establish your brand’s credibility to supporting your blogging and social media efforts, here are six reasons CBD brands should consider incorporating curated content into their digital marketing strategy.

Content Curation Saves Valuable Time and Money

Anyone working in marketing understands that creating original content takes time, energy, and money to keep things running smoothly. If you’re working with a smaller team, these issues are only compounded, making content curation a valuable and resource-friendly alternative. Best of all, content curation blends well with your overall CBD digital marketing strategy, allowing you to share valuable content with your customers and followers far and wide. Likewise, it can help your CBD brand provide opinions, reactions, or reviews on currently trending topics in the industry, keeping your brand relevant and elevating your voice.

Establish Your CBD Brand as an Industry Thought Leader

Google and other search engines love websites that provide relevant and user-friendly content. With the CBD industry becoming more mainstream, this means there are more users than before asking questions about the science and potential benefits of CBD and related products. Curating content from high-quality sources that provide this information helps to increase your CBD brand’s credibility and exposure online. Rather than sharing dull, generic content, you’re able to establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry, relaying content that’s of high relevance and value, which both users and Google love.

It Complements Your Blogging and Social Media Efforts

The constant demand for new content can strain even the most dedicated marketing team, especially if you’re trying to manage it all in-house versus hiring freelancers or a CBD marketing agency. Take a moment to go through your current content production inventory—how do you compare to competitors who can afford to invest more into content creation? These brands will produce a higher number of weekly blog posts, provide more featured images for those blog posts, and generally post more across social media channels. Not only that, but these more established brands also tend to have a presence on sites like Quora, a steadier supply of newsletter content, and a variety of other promotional advantages.

No matter how you slice it, it’s difficult to keep up this kind of pace if you’re working with a smaller team. By supplementing your strategy with content curation, you’re able to stand toe-to-toe with these bigger, more established brands. This is possible since the process allows you to complement your own blogging and social media initiatives with high-quality content produced by others.

Support Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Efforts

Curated content can also help drive valuable traffic to your CBD website, which, if optimized properly, can increase your chances of converting those leads into customers. Likewise, when nurturing those leads, the primary goal is always to maintain interest. While unique, educational content about the CBD industry is always going to be preferable, this type of nurturing interaction doesn’t necessarily need to be a whitepaper, nor does it have to be a detailed blog post that you specifically wrote. Sometimes, the best lead nurturing tool is a piece of interesting, relevant content that your CBD business can share with customers and say, “We found this piece interesting. We thought you might like it too!” This can draw them back in and help you strengthen their connection with your brand.

Boost Your Brand’s Online Visibility

Growing your CBD brand and improving its visibility in SERPs is a difficult task, one that requires consistent work and investment. Thankfully, content curation can positively impact not only your SEO efforts but your online visibility as well. It requires considerable research of various CBD-related websites and a careful selection of the content that will be used to supplement your own. Better still, curated content typically contains outgoing links to trusted, authoritative websites, along with proper citation of the authors and other materials included. The result of this curation is high-quality content that ranks well in search engines, sending a user-friendly signal to Google that your website is a trustworthy source of CBD industry information and news.

Content Curation Helps You Stay on Top of Industry Trends

In the end, content curation helps you stay on top of ongoing trends in the CBD industry. With some experts predicting the market to reach $19.5 billion by 2025, this has never been more important. Through content curation, you can gain broader exposure to new topics, publishers, and websites, thus providing actionable insights that you can use to supplement your content marketing strategies moving forward. That being said, should you find the process too difficult for your team to handle on its own, the best course of action would be to partner with a dedicated CBD digital marketing agency. The best CBD marketing agencies provide you with access to a team of CBD content writers and specialists who can supplement your digital marketing strategies with relevant and Google-friendly CBD content.

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