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5 Important Items to Include in Your Attorney Bio

5 Important Items to Include in Your Attorney Bio

Who are you as an attorney? How important is your attorney bio? Prospective clients want to identify with you and make a personal connection. Your attorney bio should be personable yet professional, fresh, and informative.

1. Focus on the Basics

It may be tempting to add creativity or flair to your bio, but keep in mind that your bio will be featured on your practice’s website and should reinforce the brand message. Consider how prospective clients will perceive you when reading your biography.

Your bio should contain specific details such as:

  • Who you are, including personal details
  • Your approach to the law
  • Adjectives that describe you, such as results-driven or experienced
  • Your practice areas, using layman’s language instead of legal jargon
  • Why clients should hire you

As an attorney, closing should be your specialty. Sell yourself to clients the way that you sell your clients’ cases.

2. Celebrate Your Achievements

Your credentials, accolades, education, and awards are essential parts of your attorney bio. While it’s important to sell yourself, clients want to see that your abilities are acknowledged by others, whether through awards you’ve received or snippets of your biggest achievements.

Consider listing your awards and accolades in bullet list format, which is straightforward and eye-catching. Maryland attorney Alex Brown does an excellent job balancing this in his Everipedia entry.

3. Choose a Great Headshot

Opt for a headshot from a professional photographer — someone who can create a polished yet approachable photo. Your picture helps clients put a face with a name and establishes a personal connection. You want your image to create a sense of trust, so it should have these elements:

  • It should be a headshot
  • The style should suit you and your personality
  • You should be well-dressed, coiffed, and groomed

Selfies or poorly lit candid photos do not have a place in your professional attorney’s bio.

4. Connect with Your Clients

Your social media presence is a great way to connect with potential clients, and often, your bio can be featured on the platforms you participate in, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Creating connections in your bio with personal details about who you are when you aren’t in the courtroom can resonate with potential clients.

Perhaps you enjoy volunteering at a local animal shelter or playing recreational soccer. Adding a human element to your bio makes you more approachable to clients, many of whom are seeking an attorney they trust with their critical legal matters.

Adding personal details humanizes your attorney bio and can open the door for conversations with potential clients. Even if they don’t need legal services today, they may tomorrow and will likely look first toward someone they identify with. Your connections can be strengthened through a solid social media marketing strategy.

5. Be Authentic

Your clients will be able to tell when you’re being real and when you aren’t. Make sure that your voice comes through in your personal bio. Be friendly and approachable, but also be an authority — someone your clients feel is genuine.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you have greater insight into how to create an attorney bio that stands out, it’s time to get started! You may need a few drafts to get the tone and voice right — and don’t be afraid to have your friends or colleagues read it and give you pointers.

Your bio should present you, as a lawyer, in the best light possible while still showing your personality and trustworthiness.

Review 5 Important Items to Include in Your Attorney Bio.

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