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4 Types of Out of Home Media to Leverage in Oakland, California

With online advertising taking over the marketing world, out of home media methods tend to fall to the back of many companies’ priorities. When looking to increase visibility and get people talking about your brand, you need to be leveraging both types of advertising for maximum effect. If you are interested in running out of home media advertisements in Oakland, California, keep reading to discover four ways you can get started.


Billboards are the most popular and recognizable form of out of home advertising. These massive displays line just about every highway or intersection you drive down in the US. Billboards require strategic placement to be effective. When placed just ahead of locations that sell their product or service, they are known to be highly effective. Their high levels of visibility make them wide reaching and great for directing potential customers to purchase what is being advertised.

The standard static billboard is never going to go out of style, but the digital billboard is the more sophisticated and eye-catching version. While not necessarily as cost effective as a standard billboard, this type of advertising is known to draw the eye and keep the attention of anyone passing by. They are around the same size and shape as a standard billboard but instead of a printed image, they use an LED screen that has the capacity to rotate multiple images or display animated content. There is a statistic that says animated content receives around five times more viewers than static content, so if you are looking to station your billboards in Oakland, consider going digital.


Wallscape advertising doesn’t belong in every city, but when it comes to Oakland, it can be done. The main requirement for wallscape advertising is that you have large structures in high traffic areas. Things like large apartment buildings or parking garages make the perfect backdrop for wallscape advertising. These ads are similar to billboards but are done by hanging large vinyl panels or by painting directly onto the side of a building. California has many cities that work well with wallscape advertising due to the volume of buildings and the amount of car traffic.

The major pro you get with wallscape advertising is the freedom of design. Design can be tricky on billboards when you are confined to one set of dimensions. Wallscapes on the other hand can be designed in any shape or size as long as it fits on the structure. These ads also blend seamlessly into their environment making them seem less invasive than billboards.

Street Furniture

Street furniture advertising covers anything that would be installed along the street for a variety of purposes. Bus or park benches are the most common form of street furniture with ads that we see. This method of advertising is best for companies who want their ad to be stationed throughout multiple locations in Oakland. If you shy away from this type of advertising due to the lower levels of visibility that these ads have, keep in mind that your ads will be in more than one area. In places like Oakland, street furniture advertising can be just as effective as billboard advertising.


Transit advertising refers to any ads that you see on buses, taxis or even in the air on flying banners. This method of advertising is one of the most wide-reaching methods and can be lower in cost depending on the specifics of your ad. If you choose to use this type of advertising in Oakland, your ad is sure to be seen by tens of thousands of people each day. The one downside to transit advertising is that you cannot really target a specific demographic based on location. But if your goal is to get as many eyes on your ad as possible, transit ads could be the way to go.

Similar to billboard ads, transit advertising has the ability to go digital as well. And we know that digital advertising is more effective than static advertising, so you would be wise to use this to your advantage if you are looking to do transit advertising. Many taxis have a digital screen rotating content on top of the vehicle in addition to static content on sides of the vehicle. Many buses and trucks also have the capability for this. Additionally, if your business has a fleet of trucks or company vehicles, you can have your advertisement printed and adhered to the trucks your company already owns for cost effective advertising.

Out of Home Media in Oakland, California

Try out one or all of these methods of advertising to boost your brand in Oakland. It is important to not put all your eggs in one basket when advertising to ensure you are maximizing your reach. Make sure you are doing out of home marketing in addition to online marketing to get your name out there.

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